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A Desert Safari of Sam Sand Duens in Jaiselmer.

Journey of Jaisalmer is incomplete without a Sam Sand Duens. A rare desert area which lies just in the edge of Jaisalmer Desert National Park and is also rated as top 10 must see tourist destinations in Rajasthan
We planned to spend an evening and night for a desert safari.Hired Taxi was in wait out side station.We had already decided to reach in desert before Sun sets.
The roads stretched wide open across the barren landscape with very little traffic and the tarmac was smooth as butter. It seemed like we were merely cruising at 80 kms/hr

The whirling wind mills on both side of road were presenting a unique scene. I was sitting on front seat by the side of driver, clicking the moments going in the past memories.
It was the best ride of my life.After going for around 50 km.Perhaps it was one of the same evening for which lyric is:

Ye Shaam mastani madhosh kiye jaye
 After 45 mts. ride taxi stopped on a camping site along road side.On other side of road there was a stretch of un-ending desert. We entered in camping area. Bablu Bhai, the Manager of “Camel Safari Dunes Camp Sam Resort”, opposite Sam Sand Dunes, welcomed us. 
There were available dozens Swiss tents and cottages of varying cost.For smart travellors ,it is very special to bargain over cost at every stage.We too bargained , got A/C cottages @1600/= per person.
It included, welcome cold drinks-snacks, desert safari on jeep, camel ride, cultural programs, dinner, night satay and break fast. It is important to hire a taxi to stay in night and return you back; otherwise it will be difficult to get any vehicle for return from Sam Sand Dunes.
A  Jeep Safari in Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer

After completing necessary formalities, we kept luggage in allotted cottages, A Commander Jeep was ready to take us in side deep of Thar Desert.It was an exciting and adventurous ride for me.

The jeep was running fast, some it times it appeared as riding up on hill suddenly riding down hill, we gripped tight seats.
At one point in desert driver make the jeep in a circular dancing motion, experience to be remembered for ever.

After few mts of ride jeep stopped and we left down.OMG-before me was an ocean of desert. I was standing on sand.Till then I had seen deserts in films only. For miles in front of us, all we could see were sand dunes of various shapes and heights, some as high as a skyscraper.
There were many other groups of travelers enjoying at that point of desert.A local female dancer was singing and dancing in a typical Rajasthani style.She gave my camera some amazing clicks in dancing. In return I paid her Rs 100/=

A Camel Cart Ride in Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer

After a brief stay of about 20 mts, jeep driver called us to return back.On our return, Bablu Bhai, arranged a camel cart for a Sam Sand Dunes ride on other side of road.Now it was around 6.15PM. To be on the sand dunes of a desert is an experience to be remembered.  

The sun was nearing the horizon now and we were to witness the famed sunset of the desert. As the skies started taking the different hues of orange and red, the spectacle were every bit worthy of their fame.
The strangest phenomenon was the silence of the desert. There was no man-made noise, no birds chirping, no animals in sigh, not even a breeze rustling through leaves, for there were no trees. If one stood still, one could feel silence in its absolute magnitude.

When you are in the middle of so much peace, it feels criminal to disturb the tranquility; and so even we came down to whispers among ourselves.
Camel cart boys told us that name of camel driving cart is Slaman Khan.In that quite isolated moments in desert; my camera was fully loaded with those moments to refresh my memory lane. 

A Cultural evening in Resort

At entrance resort management welcomed us by putting a colored teeka on our forehead, a bouquet of flowers.We took our seats, at place of cultural programme .The programme started with traditional welcome lyric of:

Kesariya balam aaoni
Padharoni mare des rey, padharoni mare des
Kesariya balam aaoni, padharoni mare des
After this song, other Rajasthani folk songs and dances were performed by artists. During this programme, all guests were offered tea with spicy fresh hot snacks.This programme continued about 1.30 hours.
Dinner was ready at the end of show. After dinner I went out the resort campus to have a look of desert in silence of night. The night was relatively calmer a pin drop silence.
I lay down on sand quietly gazing at the stars. In my entire life, I have never seen a sky so brightly lit with countless stars.I craned my head backwards and could not see a single area which wasn’t covered with twinkling white dots.Amidst the star dotted sky I saw two shooting stars.
Second Day

After break fast, we found that our hired taxi driver was standing on the gate of resort.WE took our luggage and back to jaisalmer. He dropped us at railway station of Jaisalmer, where we were staying in retiring room.
The End

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