Sunday, 10 November 2019

Gadisar Lake of Jaiselmer, in Deep Desert of Thar

In the bone melting heat of Jaisalmer desert it is hard to imagine a peaceful pond with temples, shrines, ghats, trees such as Gadisar Lake. This lake was built in 1400 A D by Maharwal Gadsi Singh in the middle of desert, the lone water resource for the city of Jaisalmer before modern water pipelines arrived.
All the photos are taken on one single evening in the duration of 1-2 hours. Let me know your feedback 
 A number of birds belonging to rare species that make a stop over this place to have a few drinks out of these sparkling clean waters of the lake.
 On the bank of Gadisar Lake one can see a gateway made of yellow sand stones known by the name of Tilon Ki Pol. A Krishna Temple is located by the side of the archway.
 The gaseous sun of the afternoon transforms in to soft golden light the gadisar lake fills with full of life. Exhausted due to heat, I see a heaven here! 
 The day gets ready for a gorgeous end as the powerful sun rays turn in to warm cover for the cold breeze.
Written, Photographed and Posted By Engr Maqbool Akram

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