Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Is It The Same Chai, Which Runs In Our Body As Blood?

Ask any Indian, how they make ek achhi cupp of chai. They will tell you chai leaves in some water  is brewed and boiled for a few minutes and a small amount of milk, added sugar as per taste.
Soft wisps of steam curling up from the tea cup, a very desi aroma and you already start feeling fresh. Pure bliss, ain't so?? It has been the most cherished beverage since ages that hasn't lost its value till date.
A first cup of chai is a start of ek achha din.But this achha cupp of chai is at crisis at public places.My question is,why can’t we Indians get a achha cupp of of boiling hot brewed chai and coffee at airports,railway stations,cinema halls.

No It is not the same chai, which runs In our body as blood?

No sir,ask a cup of hot tea at Air ports,railway station sure ,you will get a disguising synthetic version of chai.It will contain coagulated milk powder,and a tea(chai) bag with an ugly thread hanging out.At first sip it will be lukewarm and cold by the time of last sip.The same happens in modern corporate offices too. Even at some places the milk used too is synthetic.

The same happens in high clas multiplexes, posh malls, and departmental stores---a noisy tea making  machine that spews out lukewarm water.

Even on the plane in full service airline, the air hostess with a synthetic smile, files your cup with hot water.She then gives a packet of milk powder that bursts when you open it,blasting white powder all over your clothing, finally you will get a tea (chai) bag with a thread.

The same story in our Indian railway catering services as in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and many high ended super fast trains.We Indians need to fight for a descent cupp ofchai.Globalisation doe’t mean we blindly follow everything western give us.Travel anywhere in world,a good chai is unmatched  as a hot beverage.

When every street corner dhabas, even far away remote areas of India can serve us with good brewed chai, then why we compromise on a synthetic machine made chai on public places as, air ports, railway stations and at many more.

They must serve us ek achha cupp of chai of which we are crazy.I know that open  fire flames are not allowed on public places.We need to innovate a machine ,which make chai as we all like,draining out hot brewed chai. 

The End

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