Thursday, 5 December 2019

Life in Web of Likes: Obsession on Social Media

A 'like' has the power to change our entire mood? Why do we get So obsessed with 'Likes' on Social Media?

Now like is not only a simple word,it relates our social status.In this era of social media, we are obsessed for a likes.Our social status depends that how many likes we are getting on the posts and selfies at facebook,twitter, or Instagram.

This is obsession to count comments and likes on social media.Some of them feel depression over less likes,and loose self confidence. This chasing of likes and comments attitude are because,we have less time for off-line activities
People honestly believe that their popularity and self worth all stem from the count of likes that they receive on their selfie and posts. Before social media, our sweet memories were silently stored in album.
I believe that many of us are wasting precious energy of life online and as a result forgetting to nurture our real, off-line life.

Some people are so obsessed With 'Likes' on Social Media, that they purchase Apps to get more likes and followers.

Very rarely, you will see people sharing or discussing their low phases of life in social media. So in social media, only one side of the story is shown. Which is not a good message for someone who is going through a low phase in life?

 Remember: all that glitters is not gold

Social media is spoiling relationships and life. Everyone has problems in their life but no one writes about it in the social networking sites. if you check your facebook profile, then you will end up believing that the whole world is celebrating and is very happy and prosperous. but that is not the case in reality. its a wrong projection and many people in the world are feeling emotionally low by spending time in such sites.
The silver line attitude for obsession on likes in social media

I am ending with a note to get rid of this obsession of getting more likes and notes on virtual on-line life.Try to be liked by your family members, friends and neighbours of your real off-line life.
 To know that what we like and think and believe is enough and that no need of a mouse click to validate that.
Your worth is not measured in likes, comments, notes or followers; but in your ability to love, keep comments to yourself. It’s important to be comfortable in our own thoughts and feelings.

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