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The Romantic life of Victor Hugo:-One of The Greatest Writer of All Time

Victor Hugo (1802–1885) is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time, dramatist of the Romantic movement.During a literary career that spanned more than sixty years, he wrote abundantly in an exceptional variety of genres: lyrics, satires, epics, philosophical poems, epigrams, novels, history, critical essays, political speeches, funeral orations, diaries, letters public and private, and dramas in verse and prose.


Hugo is considered to be one of the greatest and best-known French writers. Outside France, his most famous works are the novels Les Misérables, 1862, and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (French: Notre-Dame de Paris), 1831.


He spent a romantic life with a wide variety of women of all ages, be they courtesans, actresses, prostitutes, admirers, servants or revolutionaries like Louise Michel for sexual activity.


As one reads Hugo's biography it is possible to see that perhaps such characters did not grow fully from his imagination. Victor Hugo had a large sexual appetite and he satiated it throughout his life with many different women.


Hugo’s Wife Adele Foucher.

The Romantic life of Hugo began when as a teenager; There are many stories linked with the marriage of Victor Hugo and his childhood sweetheart, Adele Foucher. Their marriage started strong, according to the biography of the French novelist. One of the people writing Hugo’s biography, Edward Behr, noted that Hugo made love nine times with his wife on their wedding night.


His mother discouraged the romance, believing that her son should marry into a finer family but after his mother's death he did marry Adele.

Together they had five children and it seemed as though the stage for their life was set. What more could a couple ask for, a happy marriage and many children? Apparently this couple wanted more because they were both guilty of infidelity.


Mistresses  & Infidelity of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo loved his wife, but that didn’t stop him from cheating on her constantly. The famous writer had many mistresses, one of which was his son’s wife. His first mistress was Juliette Drouet. She became Hugo’s mistress in the same time his wife Adele was involved in an affair with Charles Augustin, a friend of the writer.


Drouet was the longest tenured mistress of the writer. Even though he had many other mistresses, he alwas came back to Juliette, even making her his unpaid secretary.

Mistresses Leonie Biard

A name that is mentioned in almost every biography of Hugo is mistresses, Leonie Biard. Around 1831 Hugo's wife, Adele Hugo became romantically involved with a well-known critic and good friend of Victor's named Sainte-Beuve.

Actress Juliette Drouet

From February 1833 until her death in 1883, Juliette Drouet devoted her whole life to Victor Hugo, who never married her even after his wife died in 1868. He took her on his numerous trips and she followed him in exile on Guernsey.

There Hugo rented a house for her near Hauteville House, his family home. She wrote some 20,000 letters in which she expressed her passion or vented her jealousy on her womanizing lover. On 25 September 1870 during the Siege of Paris (19 September 1870 – 28 January 1871) Hugo feared the worst. He left his children a note reading as follows:


"J.D. She saved my life in December 1851. For me she underwent exile. Never has her soul forsaken mine. Let those who have loved me love her. Let those who have loved me respect her. She is my widow."

Léonie d’Aunet

For more than seven years, Léonie d’Aunet, who was a married woman, was involved in a love relationship with Hugo. Both were caught in adultery on 5 July 1845. Hugo, who had been a Member of the Chamber of Peers since April, avoided condemnation whereas his mistress had to spend two months in prison and six in a convent. Many years after their separation, Hugo made a point of supporting her financially.


Victor Hugo bedded his son's lover Alice Ozy after writing erotic letters to her

Victor Hugo also seduced the wife of his son.Alice Ozy was cheating on Victor’s son.


He went to his father and asked for help in fixing the situation. Hugo fixed it by sending erotic odes to Alice who eventually succumbed to his charm and joined the list of Hugo's conquests much to the anger of his son. 

In response, Hugo slept with Alice himself, thinking that the embarrassing affair would “avenge” and cheer up his son. The boy was shockingly ungrateful towards Hugo’s efforts.


Though some might frown upon his many lovers others, like Graham who wrote one biography, empathized with him and seemed to think that his lusty love life simply helped to fuel his art.


"Sex for him was a form of contemplation" he found his outlet for contemplation in the many affairs that he had with actresses, wives and courtesans. To him "fallen women and courtesans were a pleasant antidote to the hypocrisy of high society."


He used to be naked ,while at work

He took all his clothes off, locked himself in a room with a pen and paper, and wrote. Hugo famously claimed that he wanted to be in a room where not even clothes distract him. He was forcing himself to write and ordered his servants not to bring him clothes until he has finished writing a chapter.


Foot fetish

Back in the days, most of the great minds were womanizers and enjoyed sex. Victor Hugo was one of the greatest writers, but also one of the greatest sexual players in the world of writers.What is interesting about Hugo’s sex life is that he was a foot fetishist.Many other great writers have also been foot fetishists, including Dostoevsky, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Goethe.


The End 

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