Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Moving Statue of Ali and Nino: They Kiss As Cross Through Each Other. Symbolizing Tragic Love Story from Azerbaijan

Crowds gather on this stretch at 7.00pm daily as the Ali and Nino Monument springs into life. Two figures move towards an embrace then pass through each other, depicting the story of eternal love between an Azerbaijani boy and Georgian girl. The two figures, Ali and Nino, come from the pages of Kurban Said’s terrific novel of the same name. 

The structure symbolizes the story of Ali and Nino, two lovers from different religious backgrounds. At night their dance is lit up with colorful undulating lights, creating an emotional mood and a stirring sight in the seaside boulevard of Batumi, Georgia


It tells of a tragic love affair between a young Muslim Azerbaijani man and a Christian Georgian princess during the First World War. Theirs is a story of passionate love torn apart by culture, religion, and war, and has been hailed as one of the romantic novels of all time.


The two figures, Ali and Nino, come from the pages of Kurban Said’s terrific novel of the same name.


Each day at 7 PM, the two figures slide towards each other, eventually merging as their segments pass between each other. Never truly connecting.


The whole automated performance takes about ten minutes and is often lit with bright, changing colors that give the figures even more life than their stark metal bodies usually project.


This romantic scene is endless, and the visitors are always wondering what the story behind it is. It symbolically represents the attraction between the man and the woman, who are in love with each other, and on top of that, it tells us a story about Ali and Nino.


When the figures are near, your heart is full of happiness and joy, but after a while, your mood changes as they are separated again. It feels like they have a magnet, and you wait for the second when they will be intersected again.


The love sculpture reflects real life, as well. It makes the hearts beat faster and feel the power of love.


Despite the fact that they had a different religion, they overcame all the difficulties, and they got married. However, they were separated by the invasion of Soviet Russia in Azerbaijan. When Ali had to choose between his family and the country, Ali chose to die bravely for his own country.

The End


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