Tuesday 23 January 2018

Ten Common Reasons: Why Employees Shift Their Work Places

A steady, well-trained workforce is one of the many keys to a successful business. It’s always a significant loss,when company's time and resources are invested in an employee who then shifts their work place. During studies in B-Schools, I was taught: Shifting Employees from one company to other. Since then I was trying to learn the reasons of this premature shifting. Employees Shift for many reasons. I have short listed Ten most common reasons for Employees shifting.

During initial days of first job, an employee put down papers and left the company that was the wretched situation for me as employee left due to unorganized and messy work style of manager.

Employees Leaving work Place

I want to highlight that employee can leave company not only for career growth; better role; designation; salary but also for the reasons which are not visible to us. Everyone wants to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done. It’s part of our nature. Recognition does not have to be monetary. The most effective recognition is sincere appreciation. 

HR plays crucial and significant role in employee relations and grievance handling and they must highlight out of sight reasons that leads to exit of employee.

Reasons for shifting worlplace

The following is a list of what might be considered 10 most common reasons for employee in shifting their work place.
1.    Team politics
2.    Clash with manager
3.    Do not provide flexibility to employee
4.    No work-life balance
5.    Not allowing leaves during important events of life
6.       No scope of suggestion and mentoring in team
7.      Feeling undervalued. 
8.     Growth opportunities not available.
9.    Wrong people were promoted or fired
10. Employers didn't care about employees

HR must be proactive to analyze high/medium/low risk employees that could be on the edge of leaving company.
Suggestions and measures initiated by HR
HR must be proactive to analyze high/medium/low risk employees that could be on the edge of leaving company.
Few suggestions and measures to be initiated from HR:
  1. Keep documentation of manager feedback write soft and hard skill of employees
  2. Frequent interaction with employees to know out of sight reason highlighted
  3. Communicate with managers about company policy
  4. HR are not meant to sit at their desk with laptop but for employee interaction
“If you just communicate with employee you can get by, but if you communicate skillfully you can work miracles”
However, in order to reduce this shifting, management must first understand the main reasons employees leave for other positions. Good employees don’t leave good organizations—they leave poor managers!

     This blog is shared by Guest Blogger Sheeba Siddiqui: An HR Expert. 

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