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10-Mystic Crazy Love Quotes of Rumi Explained by By Kamaljeet Grewal (Part-3)

Rumi: Was a superstar of his and his poems were POP music of that  time. Admired loved and cherished in the East ever since and in the West and globally since the 1990s. Thirteenth Century mystic Rumi's  love poems has taken the world by storm.

Rumi -The great sufi Poet of mystic Love, of the 13th century has composed his mystic poems and prose works in Persian. Rumi was the most famous personality in the region and his fame and unique mystic poetic style full of Romance had already spread 3,000 miles away to India during his lifetime.
Translation is an art but to explain the poem in simple words, expressing what the poet wants to convey is a science.It is difficult to follow in depth the message and spirit of Rumi's poems, based only on translations.Kamal Jeet Grewal has filled this gap by explaining the real spirit of Rumi’s poem by her explanations. 
Here in this Blog: “ 10-Mystic Love quotes of Rumi Explained by By Kamaljeet Grewal”, I have selected Rumi’s ten couples –explained by Kamaljeet Grewal .Though she is not a Sufi scholar, she has elaborated Rumi's poems in graceful words that hit the hearts of its readers.
It's impossible today to imagine how popular poetry of Love with a mix of mystic was at the time of Rumi. It was the pop music of its time. Rumi is sometimes called the Master of Mystic Love because the Sufi path strives for ecstatic ego and annihilation in the fires of Divine Love.
His Sufi poems and works have the real essence of union with Beloved God, " the primal - The God", the concept of tauhid (Indivisible Oneness of God).
In his poems he added mystical references, direct emotional expressions, issues involving maturity and growth of the soul and even anecdotes about daily life.There are four major themes that run in his Sufi words: Heartache, Drunkenness, Disagreeable Lover and Aloneness.
(1)-I thought, "First I'll know you, then I'll die."
            He replied, “Whoever knows me never dies."
Explained by Kamal Jeet
Man works in a structured way with planning and organising each piece of work. 

There is always a 'first ' a 'second ' a ' third ' and yet a ' fourth ‘...And so on and so forth...
Even meeting God, he plans in steps and seriation!
But God's reply supersedes all His plans!

One who knows God...never dies...the soul lives on ...meeting God everyday all his the man who has been successful in knowing God ..Sees Him in all His creations around him ...
 he no more remains a seeker ...he feels God in every atom around him ..
(2)-Love is when God says to you,
"I've created everything for you. "

And you say,
 "I have left everything for you."

Explained by Kamal Jeet
God has showered us with blessings ...that we can never count and thank Him for.

These things sometimes are so attractive that we get immersed in their beauty and take for granted and forget the Provider!

But a blessed soul is aware that all these are only second to The Beloved!
And he expresses this thought!
This soul stands delivered!!!!
Wish you dear friends...a pleasant evening..
(3)-Your Love has filled me with the madness 

no one could ever know.
Your gaze has enchanted my heart with a poem
no one could ever write. 

Explained by Kamal Jeet
The crescendo and ecstacy in Love reaches the peak ...and the outburst of the heart in Love expresses his uncontrollable feelings...

The 'madness ' in the Love of the Beloved surpasses all other madness...

One supposedly, piercing look from the Beloved
is likened to an intensely touching poetry ..that no Lover could ever have written !Magical is the Love of the Beloved!

Love is the most powerful emotion that captivates not only senses but heart and soul. Poetry is the spontaneous flow of emotions that love generates from eyes, captures the whole self and ultimately transformed into poetry.All the melodies , spiritual verses, are full of love . 
If one doesn't get mad in love that's is not love and if one writes poetry without love that can't touch the heart and soul. 
(4)-Nothing can nourish the soul 
but light.
Explained by Kamal Jeet
The Divine Light is the origin from where we have emerged...and that only nourishes the soul.... Nothing can substitute it.
The Divine Light is the origin from where we have emerged...and that only nourishes the soul.... Nothing can substitute it!
(5)-Do not ask what
Love can make or do...
Look at the colours
of the earth.

Explained by Kamal Jeet
The marvels of Love are indescribable..Unthinkable...Unimaginable..
What Love can do is unquestionable!

To see what Love can do is enough to look around to see what the Love of God for His creation has done!

If that is what Love can do ...why shirk away from Love...or shy away from it ...or even stop the flow of this emotion!

It is this Love of God for us...that turns buds to fragrant blossoms ...that sprinkles the dew on each blade of grass ...that brings the string of raindrops racing down ...that brightens the sky with the rainbow ...that sprinkles the twinkling stars in the night sky ...
Spread your Love for God and mankind !
See the magic that you can create!
(6)-You smell... Love.
Explained by Kamal Jeet
Love has an intoxicating fragrance!
It fills the heart, mind, and body with an essence divine !
Spread Love..
It's the perfume, which when sprinkled, can charge the environment with positivity!!!
(7)-I can sense Your
presence in my heart
although You belong
to the whole world.

Explained by Kamal Jeet
The Beloved is Omnipresent...
In our conversation to feels that He is only listening to him...little realising that each one feels similar as The Beloved listens to each one of us...

Similarly Lord Krishna gave the same feeling to each of His seekers.

It is said that each 'gopi' felt that Lord Krishna was solely dancing with the Raas Lila..

He belonged to the whole world...That was His Magnanimity...

Thousands flock to the temples, mosques, gurdwaras and churches...and in prayer each seeker feels His presence within...

The Beloved belongs to everyone as much as each one belongs to Him...
(8)-What is the heart?
...A flower opening..
Explained by Kamal Jeet
Man is sent to the earth with a pure and fresh heart...the function being to Love..

to be compassionate nurture positive emotions pour out shower kindness .....

Rumi calls the heart a flower...Which is to open layer after layer...Blossoming and spreading its fragrance around...

A question to ask ourselves...Am I allowing the heart to carry out the functions that God intended it to???
Food for thought!
(9) She breathes into my ear...
until my soul takes on her fragrance.
She is the soul of my soul. 
Explained by Kamal Jeet
Another one of deep lines of Rumi...
He takes a peep deeper than a normal one ..
He calls on the soul of the soul...
The soul of the soul whispers Love into its ears..and fill the soul with a divine fragrance ..
Meaning that the Soul is a living spirit ...and like a human lives and breathes because of the soul present in him .Similarly the soul's soul keeps it alive ..
In these lines Rumi treats the soul as a complete entity within itself..
(10)--Do not worry if all the candles
in the world flicker and die..
..We have the spark
that starts the fire.
Explained by Kamal Jeet
Rumi expresses hopefulness even in the most hopeless situation.
As worldly possessions have an expiry date ...they may get exhausted and become extinct!

But there is no need to worry...Because the spark of the Beloved is never has an end!
As the Guru Granth Sahib describes it as
'ANAHAD' .that which has no end!
Kamaljeet Grewal

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