Sunday 18 October 2020

Bhatiyar Gali: Heaven of Street Food lovers In Ahmadabad

Traveling of Ahmadabad is incomplete without a treat in Bhatyar Gali. This Street food Gali is treated as heaven for food lovers of Ahmadabad.

After 9pm there’s no place in Ahmadabad to walk. That’s the time to come to Bhatiyar Gali. Appease your hunger cramps by heading to this one-stop-destination for all your street-food cravings.


The narrow lanes of Bhatiyar Gali in Ahmedabad come alive in the evening every day, with stalls selling a variety of street delicacies to gorge on. After 9pm there’s no place to walk. That’s the time to come to Bhatiyar Gali. Appease your hunger cramps by heading to this one-stop-destination for all your street-food cravings.

It derives its name from the word ‘Bhathiyara’, which means a person who cooks and sells food. The vendors say they started out as Bhathiyara (cooks) serving meals to weary travellors coming from North. Slowly, as the city developed, they turned to business and this place exists to this day as a street food bazaar.


Indeed, ‘tradition’ is a recurring theme at Bhatiyar Gali, which prides itself on being almost as old as the city itself. Members of the Bawarchi community preside over the kitchens here, and maintain that their forefathers came to Ahmedabad alongside Ahmedshah Badshah in the 1400s. 

Bawarchid’s of Bhatiyar Gali boast that they are a traditional community of cooks and still use the Mughlai recipes and techniques. The masalas are made by the ladies of the family.


It is just adjacent to Teen Darwaza bazaar in Ahmedabad, a place of constant clatter. Everywhere there are high-pitched shoppers and handcarts piled with fluorescent glasses and furry rugs. Gigantic pink teddy bears dangle from the branches of a dispirited tree. The evening azaan faces stiff competition from the thunk-thunk of energetic ladles.


As you make your way through crowded lanes and by lanes, you see cooks hurriedly giving final touches to their delicacies. The tandoors are all set for dishing out mouth-watering delicacies.


The exhaust fans, somehow attached to the makeshift charcoal grills fill this Bhatyar Gali with irresistible aromas. People from all age groups including the health-conscious souls happily relish these lip-smacking dishes. 

The aroma of frying fish quarrels with the not-so-polite odors of an overcrowded old city. Waves of heat emanate from a hundred frying pans, tavas and bhattis. A small crowd munches away near the chicken tikka Wala, nimbly protecting toddlers and toes from crazy Scotties.


Few of mouth watering dished are, its 600-year old tradition of non-vegetarian delicacies. Bera Samosa is known for serving tiny, spicy meat samosas and deep-fried meatballs. Tava-Biryani, Bheja Masala, Chicken Angaar, Keema Samosas, Chaap Fry, Bhuna Gosht, spicy Skewers charcoal-grilled ,seekh kababs, Mutton and Chicken Tikkas.

The ambiance of Bhatiyar Gali (or shall we call it atmosphere) is one thing which is even better than our both favorite places – neater, cleaner, greener, more sophisticated, less crowded & the entire feeling of newness! There are around 12-13 food joints.


I’ve realized that the people of Ahmedabad want eating out to be an experience. "This could be a romantic ‘Dil Se’ evening at Bhatiyar gali.

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