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People of Aad: They were Destroyed by a Screaming Violent Windstorm Which Allah Imposed on Them for Seven Days and Eight Nights.

The people of Aad lived in an area between Yemen and Oman. Iram “refers to the House of the kingdom of Aad”. The city was discovered to be 4,300 years old. They were successors to the People of Noah.


In the Old Testament reference is made to a descendant of Noah named Eber.  In some traditions, he is called Heber, and known as the father of the Hebrew language

The people of Aad were known to build lofty towers, and thus the area became known as the land of a thousand pillars.  It was a civilization unlike any other.  God blessed Aad and its people. 

Allah provided them with fertile land and abundant agriculture, many children, an ample supply of livestock and easy access to water resources.  The people themselves were described as tall, strong, and well built.


In many ways, Aad could be described as a society much like many of the opulent societies that exist today.  There was an excess of wealth and the proud, arrogant people were not satisfied with fulfilling their basic needs.


They began to build towers and dwellings merely to display their wealth and they accumulated worldly possessions as if they were a people destined to live forever.


The rulers and leaders of Aad were powerful tyrants, their wealth did not make them soft, as sometimes happens, but rather they grew strong and dominated the lands around them.  Satan was among them and made their deeds seem fair seeming to them.  Their arrogance and pride grew and the worship of idols became prevalent.

The story of Aad is one for our guidance.

Aad were the strongest people of their time in their physical stature, and were the mightiest in power. But they were rebellious, arrogant, and disobedient tyrants. They worshiped false gods besides Allah. They abused the blessings and power they had, and they spread corruption on earth.


As for Aad, they were arrogant in the land without right, and they said: “Who is mightier than us in strength?” See they not that Allah who created them was mightier in strength than them. And they used to deny our verses! (Qur’an, 41:15)


Prophet Hud

As with every disbelieving nation in the past, Allah first sent a prophet to the people to remind them and call them back towards righteousness.


Allah sent the Prophet “HUD” to give the Aad the message of Islam. “HUD’ was from among the Aad himself, as Allah mentions in the Quran:


Aad denied the Messengers when their brother Hud said to them: “Will you not fear Allah?”—(Chapter 26, Verses 124 – 125) 

Hud tried to reason with his people by reminding them of the many favors Allah had given them.


But despite all of this advice, the Aad rejected their brother Hud. In fact they were pretty snarky in their responses.


Indeed, we see in you foolishness and indeed, we think you are of the liars.-(Chapter 7, Verse 66)


Have you come to us that we should worship Allah and leave what our fathers worshiped? Then bring us what you promise us if you are among the truthful.-(Chapter 7, Verse 70)


It is all the same to us if you advise us are not from among the advisors. This is not but from the customs of the former peoples and we will not be punished.(Chapter 26, Verses 136-136)


Of course, when they challenged Allah and His Messenger like this, they were just inviting destruction. But before we get to that, let’s analyze their responses.


To say this place was once luscious green, with lakes and ponds and springs, chirping birds, grazing deer, sleeping water buffaloes, and of course devouring humans would be an unaccepted blasphemy, a madman’s dream, and a creative myth. Yet it’s all true – facts are stranger than fiction.


How People of Aad Were Destroyed?

Qaum-e-Aad Par Allah ka Azaab (Punishment on People of Aad By Allah)

“Prophet “Hud” turned to God and renounced his people.  He knew that God’s punishment would be swift and severe.  A drought spread throughout the once fertile and abundant land. The people looked to the sky hoping to see signs of rain.  The punishment was obvious but still the people of Aad mocked and ridiculed Hud.


One fateful day the weather changed.  The burning heat changed to biting cold and the wind began to howl.  The savage wind increased with each new day and the people began to seek shelter.  The windstorm raged for more than a week.  It ripped apart tents and dwellings, it whipped away clothing and tore the skin from the body.


They were destroyed by a screaming violent windstorm which Allah imposed on them for seven days and eight nights straight


Allah had given them an ample period of time to know him however even the stopping of rain didn’t make them perceive Allah. Prophet "HUD” (A.S) warned them that this rain was not a cloud of rain however a cloud that incorporates wind, and on this wind, there’s Azaab (punishment).


Then when Allah informed him, Prophet Hud (A.S) moved out of the city together with his believers, as Allah’s Orders. This wind began changing into quicker; it turned so quickly that it began carrying individuals with it, and likewise no matter that got here in its approach.


These had been the identical individuals who used to say that nobody could possibly be stronger than them. They had been flying within the air banging to one another, shouts of males, girls, and youngsters could possibly be heard, and however, who might have saved them? This wind continued for 7 days and eight nights. Who might cease this rain? Every part was destroyed and nobody alive.


They didn’t even have anybody to mourn their loss of life. All of them remained immobile and vultures used to come back and eat them.


And as for Aad,–they were destroyed by a furious violent wind! Which Allah imposed on them for seven nights and eight days in succession, so that you could see men lying overthrown (destroyed), as if they were hollow trunks of date palms! Do you see any remnants of them? (Qur’an, 69:6-8)


For seven nights and eight days continuously they were battered with a cold, violent wind. Was it a massive cyclone or a turbulent wind carrying tons of sand? We don’t know. Its magnitude and nature may not be known to us, but we know it was severe and it rooted out these people.


That was the end of the Aad people. However, God saved Hud (AS) and his followers, and cut off the roots of those who rejected the Signs of their Lord and did not believe. Hud (AS) lived with his people, and eventually died. He was buried in Hadhramaut, Yemen.


 “Do you see any remnants of them?” The verse is absolutely right even if there were fossils because there are no people of Aad living today. But could it also mean they were destroyed without a trace left behind?


Now that land of people of Aad is sand dunes, the glittering night sky, remembers how it was, once a trading center, with gardens and gushing springs, inhabited by a powerful and rich civilization, but who made life hell on earth and rebelled against God.

And that was the end of people of Aad.

Let’s remember how an entire city lies buried beneath the sand we’re camping upon. Allah save us all from his Azaab. Allah sends his Rehmat on all prophets. (AMEEN)  All praises are for ALLAH

The End

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The 2,500th Celebration of Persian Empire; Most Expensive Party in History: One Day King of Kings Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran Was Running Country to Country.

A luxurious show-off or an epic mistake. Alone again at last

Imperial Majesty King of Kings Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran: Stood before the simple stone tomb of Cyrus the Great and called out to the spirit of Cyrus the Great the ancient conqueror who created the Persian Empire.


“O Cyrus, great King, King of Kings, Achaemenian King, King of the land of Iran,” he cried, “I, the Shahanshah of Iran, offer thee salutations from myself and from my nation.”


The festivities were opened on 12 October 1971, when the Shah and the Shahbanu paid homage to Cyrus the Great at his mausoleum at Pasargadae.


The 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire consisted of an elaborate set of festivities that took place on 12-16 October 1971 on the occasion of the 2,500th anniversary of the founding of the Iranian monarchy (Persian Empire) by Cyrus the Great.


The intent of the celebration was to demonstrate Iran's long history and to showcase its contemporary advancements under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. 


This is the story of the most exclusive and expensive party the world has ever seen.

The Most Expensive, exclusive and luxurious Party of History which Mohammad Raza Shah Pahlavi of Iran had arranged in 1971, in celebration of the 2500th birth year of the Persian dynasty, lasted for three days.


Cost of this most Luxurious, Expensive Arabian nights party.

If you’re looking to replicate the Shah’s extravagant Arabian nights party, be sure you have a wide open desert at your disposal and some serious money on hand.


The 2,500th Anniversary of the Peacock Throne is speculated to be the most expensive party in history. The Shah of Iran spent $90 million on the bash in 1971, which today is equal to over $516 million.


A luxurious Expensive, Show-0ff 0r An Epic Mistake

The whole three days and nights were enjoyed by VIPs, and the whole world was witnessed about the grand party, through media coverage. Overall, it was an amazing, Dreamlike, and unique experience for everyone.


All guests were covered, with their glorious outfits women dressed in royal dresses and jewels. Not only the luxurious tents, but also set many entertainments, clubs, hairdressing Salons, and Makeup Salons for guests with hundreds of designers and makeup-artists were also present at the site. Everything was pre-planned and praised by guests.


The Shah's tent

The Shah's tent was the most sumptuous. Its blue and gold rubber-treated canvas was stamped with roses. Its pinnacle, capped by a mock mediaeval ruff, was 12 meters from the floor. The royal family's bathrooms had marble taps, gold fittings and woven rattan wallpapers. The windows were bullet-proof and - as local anti-monarchist soldiers have found - still are.


The Shah was in full military uniform; His chest covered with medals. The Empress wore a greenandwhite silk ball gown, although it was only 11 o'clock in the morning, and long white gloves. Some of the emeralds in her 10pound crown were the size of golf balls. Her diamonds were only slightly smaller. 

Decoration of Most Expensive and Luxurious Party in History

The Shah imported trees, and several species of plants, planted in that area. Approximately 15000 trees and also with several equal numbers of flowers planted there. If that, a large number of green lives planted, they required tons of water for them to grow.


As already, Iran was suffering from water shortage, and planting in a desert was an insane idea. The separate garden was created with especially with several species of roses and tall cypresses by George Truffaut (The famous florist from Versailles).


The whole deserted area got poisonous creatures like snakes, Scorpios, and spiders, whose one sting is enough to kill anybody. To remove this hurdle, they sprayed creature killing chemicals up to 30km and gathered the creatures from there. They found several species of reptiles and sent them for research institutions for research.


To populate that particular area, the emperor of Iran imported 50,000 songbirds from Europe, 20,000 sparrows from Spain, and released them towards his newly created forest. Mostly, those bought birds died after a few days because of the hot temperature and lack of water. The area was deserted, so that place was reached at forty degrees centigrade at noon, while a drop below zero degrees at night.


The separate golf course in the desert developed with bunkers, greens, and fairways. For embellishment or decoration, Shah hired world-class professionals; all were from the renowned European companies. To build the royal tent city, he hired the most popular Jansen Company from Paris.


The Jansen company built the air-conditioned luxury suite for guests and turned them in traditional Persian cloth to flourish its outer look like a tent. The interior of the tent was furnished, with modern décor; each tent contains two bedrooms with a sitting area and two bathrooms, a separate kitchen with a cook and other services available all the time.


Food for celebration

At that time, the Maxims based in Paris (Maxims de Paris) was the best restaurant in the world. Shah signed a deal with Maxims. That deal got attention from the whole world and expected that the party would have delicious cuisines.


Ten days before the party, Maxims shift their whole crew (chefs, waiters, staff, types of equipment, and other workers) to Persepolis. It was estimated that 18 tons of food accumulated, including millions of eggs, 2700 kg of beef, and 1280kg fowl with other extraordinary food items. The Max Blouet, who was known as the legendary hotelier, joins, to supervise the banquet. Initially, the menu kept secret, but later it got leaked to media.


Reaching a venue (Persepolis) was challenging and required demanding logistics. To transport goods, the emperor ordered the built airfield in Shiraz some 50 km away from the Persepolis (Venue), and the highway was route connecting these two sites. From this track, all the imported goods, materials, and needed supplies reached the venue (Persepolis).


Security Arrangements

The Emperor was facing, tough resentment and anger of people unpleasant maybe happen at the venue. It was a big tough challenge to prevail security because it was already acts of violence sighted at that time. Many threats were facing from the activists, opponents, and Guerrillas (The opponent independent group) that can wreck the party.


Emperor Shah deployed his secret police along with troops, estimated around 65000 for the hundred guests.


There were security checkpoints every few meters. One of the greatest threats they were facing at that time was the poisoning of food so, that’s why they built a tightly secure banquet hall where no one allows access, that area except some workers.


Chefs and waiters got checked twice or thrice to enter the banquet hall. The special servers got hired from Switzerland. Also, he tightly packed the Iran border, and guests were the only allowed entering or leaving the place. The whole city was raided at the suspicious by police, and many arrested. Schools and Universities were closed at that time.


Royal Guests at the Grand Banquet included the Shah and Empress Farah (wearing the Noor-Ul-Ain Tiara),

The presidents from Africa, Senegal, Dahomey, Zaire, and Mauritania arrived on time. President of Yugoslavia and Romania had arrived with their wives; Governor-General of Canada and Australia were also spotted at the sight.


China sent their ambassador, Poland’s deputy Chairman was also were the attendees of the royal party.


Imagine how everyone was sparkling in their outfits, many other Emperors, Prince, Princess have all joined the party. The Emperor of Denmark, the Royal couple (King and Queen) of Denmark, Belgium, Nepal, Denmark, Belgium, and Greece. King of Jordan, Norway, and Lesotho have arrived. Sultan of Oman and Emir of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi reached.


Princess and princess of Afghanistan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Japan and Morocco, Jordan, Thailand, and Malaysia were all gathered in one place.


Queen of Britain didn’t attend the party, but on her behalf, her husband Philip of Edinburg and Daughter Anne have arrived at Persepolis.


Many other western countries didn’t attain that gathering because Iran’s Emperor was considered as a dictator. Around 250 Limousines were ordered by Emperor to transport the guests from Shiraz to Persepolis.


There was no organized seating plan; upon their arrival and under an utterly relaxed mood, the guests took their places to watch the stunning display. Below, two details of the same picture.


Overall it was a luxurious party the world had ever witness. Each day of the party was a surprise and worthy of royal guests. On October 16, 1971, the guests start returning to their homeland. Some of the guests were impressed by the party, while others feel jealous. Emperor of Shah proved his royalty and gain reputation among guests and in the whole world.


Emperor of Iran’s party was not appreciated by his people and among abroad citizens.


Shah was ones again pointed out as a money Squanderer and Show-off person. The circumstances got complex and everyone in his land was starts revolt. Ayatollah Khomeini, who was the leader of the Iranian revolution, was exiled from Iran.


Ayatollah Khomeini stated that “In many of our cities and most of our villages there is no doctor or medicine, there is no sign of school, bathroom and drinking water. Children are hungry-no food-but this tyrannical regime spends millions of dollars on various shameful festivities, most catastrophic of all. The 2500th anniversary of the founding of the monarchy.”


Iran law forbid alcohol consumption and all citizens of Iran were shocked by hearing the amount of alcohol consumed, scandalous low-cut dresses during the celebration, and absence of the Iranian public at the ceremony.


The attitude of Iran’s Emperor was considered as “Imperial Arrogance” and highly defamed by his acts and decisions.


The total estimated amount counted $635 million. But according to Emperor, the amount was not large, and the celebration reason was to gather donations for the construction of schools and other required buildings. Emperor of Iran lost all the trust and support of his people.


End of Throne (End of Pahlavi Dynasty)

Opposition parties and citizen starts a revolution and gathered against Shah. After three years of continuous defaming, Shah apologized to his public for bad decisions, corruption, and cruelty. But it was too late for him. Shah was exiled in Egypt and died after one year.


Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran as a leader, Iran became the Islamic Republic and continues to this day. After falling of dynasty, Iran saw unprecedented growth in the economy, education, and industrialization. Iran had an economic growth rate equals to that of Turkey, Taiwan, and South Korea.


On September 8, 1978, the shah’s security force fired on a large group of demonstrators, killing hundreds and wounding thousands. Two months later, thousands took to the streets of Tehran, rioting and destroying symbols of westernization, such as banks and liquor stores.


And King of Kings Raza Shah Pahlavi was running land to land No land where to die.

Khomeini called for the shah’s immediate overthrow, and on December 11 a group of soldiers mutinied and attacked the shah’s security officers. With that, his regime collapsed and the shah fled.


11th February 1977, the Shah’s reign was over. The revolutionaries had won. The Iranian monarchy was formally abolished, and Iran was declared an Islamic Republic led by Khomeini, who took over the reins of power.


The fabled riches of the Shah of Iran. Fabled? Yes, fabled because so far no one except the deposed Shah knows exactly how much money he took with him when he left Iran on Jan. 16, 1979.


Revolutionary government in Iran ordered the arrest (and later execution) of the Shah and the Shahbanu. The Shah and his family had already fled into exile to Egypt on 16th January 1979, as Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and First Lady Jehan Al Sadat were personal friends.


However, Iran started pressing for extradition. Over the next 14 months, to keep trouble at bay, one by one country around the world shut their doors on the royal family. After Egypt, the Pahlavis stayed briefly in Morocco as guests of King Hassan II.


It was estimated that the Shah had a personal fortune of $1 billion. Despite this wealth, the family had nowhere to go.


The Pahlavi’s headed to the Caribbean, where they were granted temporary refuge in the Bahamas on Paradise Island, which the Empress recalled as the “darkest days in her life.


The Shah tried to buy the island for $425 million, but his offer was rejected. Next stop was South America.


Mexico issued them a short visa and they moved into a rented villa in Cuernavaca near Mexico City. The stress took a toll and the Shah’s long-term illness of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, rapidly got worse.


They got permission to seek medical treatment in the U.S. Iranis became incensed with the U.S. government for harboring the Shah and they attacked the American Embassy in Tehran.


The bungled attempt by the U.S. to rescue the Americans Embassy staff and citizens that were held hostage for 444 days became known as the Iran hostage crisis. Again, the Shah and his family became a liability to the host nation and were asked to leave. This time, they headed to Contadora Island, Panama.


Learning that, succumbing to Irani pressure, the Panamanian Government wanted to arrest the Shah and extradite him to Iran, Farah pleaded with Jehan Al Sadat to let them return to Egypt.


Mohammad Raza Shah Pahlavi died , alone in a land away from IRAN

With the Shah engaged in a life-and-death struggle with cancer, the US Government wanted him to leave the country. Former queen Farah Pahlavi in desperation contacted Jehan Sadat, wife of the President of Egypt for help.


In the face of dire threats from Iran and opposition from domestic extremists, President Sadat bravely extended an invitation to them to come to Egypt. He personally welcomed the bedraggled royal family at the airport and lodged them at the stately Koubbeh Palace.


On the night of July 26, 1980, the Shah’s condition deteriorated and he slipped into a coma. Flandrin and Fagniez diagnosed a massive internal hemorrhage and resuscitation was started.


It was Ramadan; consequently, the Egyptian physicians had left to break their fast. They were all called back. The Queen was in chock, and wanted Flandrin to make a call to Alexandria in order to let their children know about the Shah’s deterioration and return to Cairo. The Shah received eleven units of blood and regained consciousness.


For a few hours he could talk with his family and friends. At 9.45 am on the morning on July 27, 1980.

‘Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka’

The End

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