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Koti Women's College Hyderabad: Epitome of Love of a Hyderabadi Princess and a British Resident Officer.

Hyderabad keeps on surprising me with its jewels spread across the city.  

One among these jewels is College for Women in Koti. Many Hyderabadi women have right to boast that they were the student of college of love,” Koti Women's College” which is not just a grand building, but was purpose built for love.
Lieutenant Colonel James Achilles Kirkpatrick ,his wife Khair-un-Nissa with Children 

When the British left Hyderabad in 1949, the Koti residency was converted into Women’s college. Now Koti Women's College lies in the heart of the most favorite commercial and busiest market of Hyderabad.

The man who built it, had come India to conquer the country, but it was he who was conquered, not by an army… but by a Hyderabadi woman.
Koti Womens College College-Hyderabad 
For some strange reason, most love stories do not have a happy fairy-tale ending. Very rarely we come across a story that ends with “and they all lived happily ever after”.

This love story is between British Resident Officer James Achilles Kirkpatrick (1764-1805),  a high-ranking diplomat from the East India Company at the court of Hyderabad and Khair un-Nissa (1786-1813), the great niece of the Prime Minister in court of Nizam of Hyderabad state).

Students and Professors of Koti Womens College-Hyderabad
Koti Women's college began its life as the residence of the British Resident in the Deccan region on the the land provided by the Nizam in 1803. 
Both wanted to be as far away from each other yet with the ability to keep an eye on the other.  Hence this place was chosen across the River Musi.
British officer of East India Company drinking Hukka
And the Love story of James Achilles Kirkpatrick (British resident Officer in court of Nizam Hyderabad) and  Princess Khair-u-nissa goes on

Love is said to be the strongest emotion that a human can possess. It is the very emotion that connects two souls with an unbreakable bond.
It not only connects you with the fellow beings but will help you realize your purpose on earth and gives you strength to do things you could never imagine.
v  James Achilles Kirkpatrick was a high-ranking diplomat from the East India Company at the court of Hyderabad, who was so captivated by Indo-Persian culture after travelling to India with imperialist intentions? 
He quickly gave up his English habits and wardrobe and replaced them with nauch parties and Mughal-style outfits.
v   Kirkpatrick, who likes many other British, went completely native, adopting the native dress and social ways. He smoked a hookah, wore Indian style mustachios and had his fingers dyed in henna. 

Moreover James had taken on the Eastern habit of belching appreciatively after meals.

A Nauch girl in a mehfil of Britishers
v  With fluent Hindustani and Persian, he openly mingled with the elite of Hyderabad. Kirkpatrick was adopted by the Nizam of Hyderabad, who invested him with many titles: mutamin ul mulk ('Safeguard of the kingdom'), hushmat Jung ('Valiant in battle'), nawab fakhr-ud-dowlah bahadur ('Governor, pride of the state, and hero').
Princess Khair-un-Nissa
v  He fell in love with the grand-daughter Khair-un-Nissa of the Prime Minister of Hyderabad.The union, however, would not be so easy, as she was a Sayyadi and he was part of the East India Company, who hated the Nizams’ guts. 

A British Resident in court of Nawab
v  Though ostensibly the mission of British Resident Kirkpatrick was to build political bridges with the Nizam, while hidden agenda was to expand British territory, but he was vanquished by the bewitching beauty of Khair un-Nissa — ‘most excellent among women’.

v  In a picture of Khair un-Nissa, dated 1806, "she still looks, a little more than a child: a graceful, delicate shy creature with porcelain skin, an oval face and dark brown eyes". No wonder she stole the heart of the young Resident, who first saw her at a royal wedding from behind a curtain.

v  Then the love story takes the course of a legendary ballad, with the hero overcoming many obstacles, including breaking off the heroine’s engagement to a local nobleman and facing stern reprimands and wrath of his ‘superiors’. But as true love knows no impediments, Kirkpatrick converts to Islam and marries his lady love.

  Local officials said they would allow the marriage only on the condition that he “strives for the best interests of the Hyderabadi government.” He accepted the conditions, and they got married in 1801. James thus became a double agent for the Nizam Government.

Now here tragedy is waiting for Young Lovers
v  Upon hearing of the marriage, and James’ conversion into Islam, the newly appointed governor of India Lord Rickard Wessesley summoned him to Calcutta, where he was reprimanded and dismissed from his position. Wellesley strongly disapproved British-Indian liaisons.

v  Kirkpatrick later fell ill and died in Calcutta, in 1805. Khair became a widow at a young age of 19. Despite the tragic ending, the estate that he constructed for her, 

the Residency building, which later became the Koti Women’s College, still remains as an epitome of their love.

v  Although she, as a disgraced woman consequent to the love affair, she was not allowed by her family to return to Hyderabad for some years, with the death of a senior male relative she was eventually allowed to return, and in Hyderabad on 22 September 1813 aged 27.

v  Kirkpatrick and Khair-un-Nissa together had two children: a son, Mir Ghulam Ali Sahib Allum and a daughter, Noor-un-Nissa Sahib Begum. Their father sent them to England to live with their grandfather Colonel James Kirkpatrick, in London and Keston, Kent, shortly before his own, unexpected death at a young age.

 The colourful romance ends on a tragic note with Kirkpatrick deciding to send their children to Britain and he himself dying alone in Calcutta on way to his homeland.

 "James had died among strangers… and far from everyone he loved… he was laid in the muddy monsoon ground. In place of tears, there was a cold military salute." And finally Khair, too, died alone on September 22, 1813, aged only 27, in Hyderabad

And that is the story of Koti Women’s College Hyderabad, and the man who built it. Someone who had come to India to conquer the country, but it was he who was conquered, not by an army… but by a Hyderabadi woman.
Khair, the lovely princess, is still remembered by the Telangana Government. They named a tourist boat after her.
Painting of Residency.
Present Koti market chauraha Hyderabad
   After death of James Achilles Kirkpatrick , Khair-un-Nissa was seduced by James's assistant, Henry Russel who replaced him as resident in Hyderabad. She remained his mistress at Masulipatnam, after being banned from returning to Hyderabad. 

La After on a visit to Madras, Russel fell for a half-Portuguese beauty and married her. Ultimately, the ban was lifted and Khair-un-Nissa returned to Hyderabad where she died on September 22, 1813 aged 27.
   This story is set to come alive in a movie based on a novel by Scottish author William Dalrymple.

     Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram, with the help of Wikipedia and other materials available on Net  with thanks.

Sunday 20 May 2018

Management Tips: What Not To Do Before You Quit Your Job--The Professional Way.

Many people leave the job with souring relationships.Take care that you are more often remembered by your attitude at exit than your tenure.It is advised to walk away with pride and honor. So you must know “What Not to Do before Quiting the Job in Professional way”.Be humble and Professional at quieting the job.

With each job quit you are leaving a trail of opinions.These opinions could build a solid reputation that helps in securing future jobs, or they could result in negative comments that could kill a great future job opportunities. How you behave towards the end can greatly impact your reputation.

You've given notice at your job because you have got a better job. It's an exciting time, and your happiness about your new opportunity can cloud your judgment.  You can forget that the people you work with will remember you for the things you said and did during your last few weeks at work more than they will remember what you did and said for years before that.

Here are Eight Management tips:”Not to do as you're leaving your job”, and blunders to avoid.keep Professional attitude at quieting the job.These “not to do when leaving your job” while shifting to a new job, will help you in leaving the job with head high and your reputation pristine.

No matter how well or how badly you were treated on the job. It's in your rear view mirror already. You're moving up and onward! We've all heard that it's important to leave a job on good terms, but we can easily forget what those "good terms" require.

(1) Remember to be humble. Resist the temptation to celebrate your good fortune of landing a new job too enthusiastically with co-workers. You will only alienate your soon-to-be former colleagues.Do not badmouth management or staff. People have long memories about criticism, and you never know when inquiries about your performance will be made by future employers. Even if you hated your job or your boss, there's no point in saying so. 

(2) Once you give notice, your next priority is to leave your desk and your role in perfect shape. If you can, create a report that lays out your current priorities and projects and the status of each one. It feels very good to put this wrap-up report together and it will make your replacement's life much easier.

(3) Don't tell anyone that you are happy to be leaving your job, even if it's written all over your face. Your soon-to-be-former co-workers are still stuck in jobs they may not love any more than you loved yours.

(4) Any project looks like it won't be completed when you leave, tell somebody where the project stands and what still needs to be done on it, and put that information in writing to your manager also. Never, ever say anything negative about your boss or the company, even if your work-friends ask you.

(5) You know which files on your computer are yours and which belong to your company. Don't take any client, vendor or internal information with you, but be sure to get your personal photos and files off your company machine before your last day of work. Don't reach out to customers to tell them you're leaving until that communication has been approved by your boss. After all, they are the company's customers rather than your personal contacts. You can certainly reach out to any client you want to after you've left the company.

(6) In those final weeks it may be tempting to take long lunches, arrive late and leave early, but all eyes are on you. Experts suggest that you maintain the same work pace that you’d previously set and keep a positive attitude.

(7) Issue notice on a Friday- Midweek is just an odd time, and on a Monday or Tuesday, you are catching people as they are about to dive into a full week of work.

Doing it on a Friday is best. It gives you and your employer the rest of the day, and the weekend, to think about it and come to terms with the decision. If you are a key member of the team, your boss will likely need to come up with a game plan on how to replace you. He or she may also want to make you a counteroffer, asking you to sit on your resignation and think it over. For this reason, Friday is the most strategic day to hand in your notice.

(8) Say thank you. Take the time to thank everyone who has helped you to be productive in your role. Your generosity and modesty will be remembered. Single people out and express your gratitude for their support at any going-away parties. Take the time to send a goodbye email to the people you've worked with.

Above Mangement Tips for,What Not to Do before You Quit Your Jobwill help you to walk away with grace and pride. It’s important to leave a job on good terms, but we can easily forget what those "good terms" require.

You are going to quit your job with your head held high and your reputation pristine, no matter how well or how badly you were treated on the job. Keep your Pride attitude even at quieting the job . You're moving up and onward! We've all heard that it's important to leave a job on good terms, but we can easily forget what those "good terms" require.

Above Blog has been shared by Guest Blogger Sheeba Siddiqui, an HR Expert .Posted by Engr Maqbool Akram and images are from Net.

Monday 7 May 2018

129th Annual Horse Show 2018 (MURC) of A.M.U.Aligarh.

Our Girl Riders in 129th Annual Horse Show of MURC-AMU. Aligarh

Came again April--“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.Yes AMU. Aligarh campus too was in its full youth to witness the 129th Annual Horse Show 2018.

Captain Tanseer Alam Khan and Riders (MURC) at  Parade of 129th Horse Show -AMU.Aligarh
This function is very popular among people of Aligarh. People of all age group and gender, young, old, kids, even from remote areas of city use to come to see this Horse Show.  

Tanseer Alam Khan (Captain-MURC-Aligarh) at Salute to chief guest

Had you ever read in fairy tale books: “Once upon a time, there was a king and queen having horse riding warriors?”.These stories turned in reality.
It was a Frenzied evening when this happened in reality on 30th April 2018.It was 129th Annual Horse Show 2018 (MURC) of A.M.U.Aligarh. The Prince and princess of Muslim University Riding Club (MURC) in their exquisite royal uniforms were at University Athelic Ground. Their riding skills and stunts were enough to stop breaths of viewing crowed.

The Chief Guest of the most awaited event was Prof.Dr.Tariq Mansoor. He launched the official website of the MURC and inaugurated the event by releasing balloons and pigeons.ADJ Naseem Ahmad attended the function as the Guest-of Honor. Professor S. Amjad Ali Rizvi, Secretary, University Games Committee and Dr Wasif Mohammad Ali, President, Riding Club were ther

Mr Tanseer Alam Khan ,Captain (MURC) with his team Talat Bin Saheb, Mohammad Javed, Zaid Mahmood, Areeb Salman, Abdul Wasi, Umar Mohammad , Arham  Ali Khan, Safi Abbas Kazmi, Shaghla Parveen and Sufia Khalid participated in March Past.

Later Mr Tanseer Alam Khan (Captain-MURC) offered standing Salute to Chief Guest Dr.Tariq Mansoor Vice Chancellor in a highly skilled style  and thrilled Equestrian Lovers with an amazing show of Riding Stunt.

Riders of MURC -129th Horse Show 2019 of AMU. Aligarh
The event was started by recital of Holy Quran. After Inauguration of 129th Annual Horse Show 2018 (MURC) of A.M.U.Aligarh, March Past and Standing Salue,Girl and Boy Riders of MURC thrilled the audience by skills in in events of Musical Ride.Musical Chair, Show Jumping, Ladies Hacks, Individual Tent Pegging, Ball&Bucket,Carrot Cutting,Ring &Lemon,Pole Bending (Boys) Ring &Lemon,Pole Bending(Boys),Pole Bending (Girls),Team Tent Pegging,Indian File (Tent Pegging),Tripe Tent Pegging,Cross Tent Pegging,Fire Jump/Table Jump and Fancy Dress.

Our girls Riders too were master of these events.They never lag Male Riders. The events in horse-shows are extremely tricky and riders’ needs a lot of perfection to execute these tricks.
The girl student Riders of MURC--- Ms Nabila ZehraMs Shaghla Parveen , Ms Sufia Khalid  Ms Zain MajidMs Fariha BatoolMs Nadia Khan, and Ms Akansha Sharma, Ms Fatima Rezavi, Kulsum Salahuddin, also presented their highly skilled talents.

Kulsum Salahuddin and M Maaz Khan Sherwani conducted the programme, while Tanseer Alam proposed the vote of thanks.
Princess of MURC-129 Th  Annual Horse Show 2019
The Riding club of A.M.U.Aligarh is a proud asset of this university.The club has a long and illustrious history, having many national records to its name; especially in tent-pegging.It is great honor for all Alig fraternity that Aligarh Muslim University’s Riding club is on the world map

Aligarh Muslim University is not only the Mecca of education. It is the only Indian university which has a 128 years old Riding Club in Varsity campus.
The club started when Sir Syed Ahmad Khan asked some landlords to send their horses to the college, so that the students could learn the art of horsemanship. The proposal was accepted and horse riding started in 1889.

Nawab Mohd. Ismail Khan Sherwani laid the foundation of the riding club, and also presented four horses. A formal riding school was founded in 1893, at the suggestion of Theodore Morison.Rs 5.00 were charged from each student and Rs 3.00 who brought their own horses at the start of the riding school.

The riders of this “MURC” have featured on the cover page of the prestigious “London Magazine”1974. MURC claims to be the only Riding Club in a central university in India.The club is open for both the sexes’ .The club also publishes an annual magazine 'Equestre'.

Aligarh Muslim University Riding Club has 77 Students riders out of which 17 are Female Riders. They are trained by their seniors and mentor.The events in horse-shows are extremely tricky and riders’ needs a lot of perfection to execute these tricks.Our girl Riders are master of these events.They never lag Male Riders.

MU Riding Club has 18 Horses in its stable.The name of these Horses are:Safeera,Tarana,ChandBibi,Dyna,Shamsheer,WhiteGold,junoon,Zargul,WhiteGold,junoon,Zargul,Bijli,Jasmine,Faris,Myra,Shaheen,Fiza,Moti,Sayyad,Ibra,Ran.

अलीगढ़ मुस्लिम  विश्वविद्यालय  के  राइडिंग  क्लब  में  5  नए  घोड़े  शामिल  हो  गए हैं। यह घोड़े आर्मी  से खरीदे गए हैं।नाइटब्रूनोकी  मौत  के  बाद  से  राइडिंग  क्लब  के अस्तबल  में घोड़ों  की कमी महसूस की जा रही थी। नए घोड़ों को ट्रेंड कर मैदान में उतारा जाएगा।

अब  पांच नए घोड़े आने के बाद राइडिंग क्लब के अस्तबल में घोड़ों की संख्या 18 से बढ़कर 23 तक पहुंच गई है। नए घोड़े आर्मी से आए हैं और इनकी उम्र 3 से 5 वर्ष है। 4 आर्मी एवं 1 दूसरे स्थान से मंगाया गया है-

राइडिंग अस्तबल केनाइटएवंब्रूनोंकी मौत के बाद से क्लब में घोड़ों की कमी महसूस की जा रही थी। कुछ घोड़ों की उम्र भी अधिक हो गई है। एएमयू के दीक्षांत समारोह अथवा सर सैयद डे समारोह के मुख्य अतिथि को बग्घी पर बिठाकर कार्यक्रम स्थल तक ले जाने की परंपरा हैं।

इसमें राइडिंग क्लब के घोड़े लगते हैं और क्लब के घुड़सवार सुरक्षा घेरा बनाकर मुख्य अतिथि के साथ चलते हैं।

वर्तमान समय में अस्तबल की शान जरगुल, जुनून, तराना एवं चांद बीबी हैं। चांद बीबी अपनी गति के कारण राजधानी एक्सप्रेस के नाम से भी जानी जाती हैं।जुनून  जंप  में  माहिर  है, तो तराना टेंट पैगिंग में  बेजोड़ है।

Tent Pegging
Tent pegging is a sport of the equestrian discipline, where the objective for a rider is to pierce, pick-up and carry a target, with a lance or a sword, as they gallop towards the target.
The term "tent pegging" is certainly related to the idea that cavaliers mounting a surprise pre-dawn raid on an enemy camp could use the game's skills to sever or uproot tent pegs, thus collapsing the tents on their sleeping occupants and sowing havoc and terror in the camp. 

When a Horse Jumps Over a Fence
The legs are stretched out while in the air, and the front legs hit the ground before the hind legs. Essentially, the horse takes the first two steps of a galloping stride on the take-off side of the fence, and the other two steps on the landing side. A horse has to collect its hindquarters after a jump to strike off into the next stride.

Insha Allah we will meet agin in 2019 (Agar zindagi rahi) to cover this Horse show for which I am very passionate.

Here I am ending this blog on 129th Annual Horse Show 2018 (MURC) of A.M.U.Aligarh, with the note that my camera was full of exiciting memorable moments.At least for me it was very romancing to view the horses and riders through a camera lense. 

Clicking of galloping horses, stunts and skills of riders at a speed of 40 to 48   Km/h when horses seldom galloping more than 1.6 or 3.2 km before they need to rest was  a challenge for me.I accepted this challenge and captured some very fine moments.

Insha Allah we will meet again in 2019 (Agar zindagi rahi) to cover Horse show for which I am very passionate .I will try my best to capture more amazing and romancing clicks.
Written photographed and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram