Thursday 31 October 2019

The 202nd, Sir Syed Day in Camera Of Engr Maqbool Akram.

 AMU. Aligarh celebrated the 202nd birth anniversary of its founder Sir Syed Ahmed Khan with traditional fervour and gaiety.on 17th October 2019.

For AMU Fraternity all over word this day: 17th October is not an ordinary day of the year. For them it is above many festivals.They celebrate Sir Syed day in full sprit.

After sun set ,all the main buildings specially,Bab-e-Syed,Maulana Azad Library,Arts Faculty, Victoria gate ,University’s grand Masjid and residential halls are well decorated with special light effects.

 The proceedings of the day began with a Quran Khwani (Quranic Recitation) after the Fajr (Day Break) prayer at the University Masjid.
 The Vice Chancellor also inaugurated 'Exhibition of Books and Photographs' pertaining to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan at the Sir Syed House. The exhibition was jointly organised by Maulana Azad Library and Sir Syed Academy.
 The main function held in Athletic ground under a huge pandal. Function started with recitation of Quranic verses.

Dr Frank Islam, AMU alumnus and head of the FI Investment Group, USA, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, civic leader, and writer was the chief guest on the occasion of Sir Syed Day. 
 Dr Frank Islam and his wife deby with Vice Chancellor Dr.Tariq Mansoor reached Athletic ground on traditional baghhi, escorted by Horse riders of MURC.

Dr Frank Islam and his wife deby with Vice Chancellor Dr.Tariq Mansoor reached Athletic ground on traditional bag-ghhi, escorted by Horse riders of MURC.
 Dr Islam delivered the commemoration addresses on the subject 'Remembering and Building upon Sir Syed's Legacy of Love, Learning and Light'.

 In 1877, Sir Syed founded the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College in Aligarh and patterned the college after Oxford and Cambridge universities that he had visited on a trip to England. By 1920 the college was transformed into the Aligarh Muslim University.
In the welcome address, AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor said, "In view Sir Syed's vision; the University has started number of courses in emerging areas such as M Tech (Biomedical Engineering), M Tech (Solar and Renewable Energy), MBA (Hospital Administration), MBA (Islamic Banking and Finance) and a PG Diploma course in Muslim Chaplaincy."
 Starting of the Center for Robotic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence has been initiated, said the Vice Chancellor adding that many PG Diploma seats have been converted into MD/MS seats.
Dr Islam and Professor Mansoor honoured The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy with the International and National Sir Syed Excellence Awards respectively.
Dr Farhan Nizami received the Sir Syed Excellence Award with a cash prize of Rs two lakhs for The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, while Prof Ishtiaq Ahmad Zilli collected the award with Rs one lakh, prize money, on behalf of Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy.

Professor Mujeebur Rahman Khan, Department of Plant Protection and Dr Riaz Ahmad, Department of Zoology received the Innovation Council Awards for Outstanding Researcher of the Year and Young Researcher of the Year from University Pro Chancellor, Nawab Ibne Saeed Khan Chhatari. They received Rs one lakh and Rs 50 000 as prize money respectively with the awards.
The top three winners of the 'All India Essay Writing Competition' on the topic, "Revisiting Sir Syed in the Contemporary World" also received their prizes from the University Treasurer, Prof Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman.
With a cash prize of Rs 25,000, Md Farrukh Ilyas, a student of BA Political Science in AMU bagged the first prize while Mamdooh Abdul Fathah of Madeenathunnoor College of Islamic Science, Markaz Garden, Calicut, Kerala won the second place with a cash prize of Rs 15,000 and Hunaiza Mushtaq of Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad, Telangana emerged third with prize money of Rs 10,000.
A cash prize worth Rs 5,000 was given to state toppers from colleges and universities across the country.

AMU Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof Akhtar Haseeb distributed the Students' Research and Innovation Awards
The first prize was conferred to Mr Uzair Alam (M.Sc Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre), while Mr Mohd Nooruddin Ansari (PhD, Museology) and Mr Abdul Hannan Mustajab (B.Sc Mathematics) shared the second prize. Mr Md Kaikubad Ali (PhD, Geography) and Mr Suhail Ahmad (B.A Psychology) were given the third prize and Mr Shahe Alam (BUMS) won the consolation prize.

The programme ended with University Tarana and National Anthem.Fully packed Pandal at Athletic ground was burst into clapping like a thunderbolt.

 The most eloquent part of the celebrations was holding of gala dinners at various residential Halls of the University where several distinguished personalities from different walks of life grace the function as chief guest.

The Vice Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor visited different halls of residence to witness the Sir Syed Dinner.

It was a nostalgia occasion for hundreds of Aligarh Muslim University alumni and AMU fraternity, to attend the celebration of Sir Syed Day of Aligarh Muslim University.

Written, photographed and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram.

Tuesday 22 October 2019

How To Deal An Abusive And Bullying Boss At Work Place

“People leave managers, not companies” is a common refrain you’ll hear when corporate leadership is discussed. But is it really true? And if it is, why do people leave their managers?

Dealing with a difficult boss is demanding at best and emotionally stressful at worst. It can impact your work performance, your sleep habits, your home life, your work and personal relationships outside of the one with your boss, your self-confidence, your self-worth and your ability to perform at the highest levels of excellence you could achieve.

You’re tired, unhappy, and demotivated. You've got dark circles under your eyes, and every interaction with your boss leaves you feeling a combination of rage and frustration that keeps you from getting a good night's sleep.

You’re tired, unhappy, and demotivated. You've got dark circles under your eyes, and every interaction with your boss leaves you feeling a combination of rage and frustration that keeps you from getting a good night's sleep.

Keep in mind though, that most bullying bosses will not take responsibility for their mean behavior. In fact, he will likely shift the blame for his actions back to you or simply brush it off saying that he doesn’t even remember it happening.

Most people don’t understand that the boss relationship is like any other one; it needs to be fed and nurtured.

Many employees think that just by doing their best job, or by being a model employee or by working harder and longer, the boss will recognize them and appreciate them.
But if communication style, mis-matched expectations or a value disconnect are at the heart of the differences, no matter how hard you work, your boss isn’t going to recognize it.

This is why a really good employee can have the “proof” of many years of strong performance reviews and all of a sudden find themselves in danger of being fired, or having been fired.
They are the same person, doing the same job, but now what they are doing isn’t good enough and needs to be changed. It is a terrible feeling and one’s self-worth can suffer as a result.

This is why, even if today your boss is “good”, you want to recognize it is more about connection, communication and cultural fit than it is about the work itself.
This doesn’t mean you can shirk your duties, and each person should strive to be the best they can be and contribute to their employer at their highest levels, but know that alongside doing this you need to pay attention to relationship and values, too.
Get into your boss’s shoes. What might they be dealing with in their role? What pressures could they be facing? Often it’s easy to focus on what you need and what you care about, but what does your boss care about? Can you present ideas taking into account the boss’s needs, too?

In the end, the thing you must decide is whether the job is worth the verbal abuse. If it is, your only choice may be to learn to suffer less with it. If not, then your only choice may be to find another job.

Distance yourself from your boss by using only email to communicate with them whenever possible. Don’t draw attention to yourself in meetings and only talk to them when needed.

Doing this doesn’t mean you can try to even the score by taking longer lunch breaks or going on sick leave more often.

That will only make things worse, so resist the urge to make your manager’s life difficult.

However, if you decide to go down this route, be prepared. Rather than just present a problem, come armed with solutions about how you can both work better together and improve the situation for everyone concerned. 
Also consider what pressures he or she might be under. Quite often there are reasons why bosses behave in a certain way and showing understanding can help to either diffuse or resolve situations.

If your boss is egotistic, choose something that he or she is specifically interested in, like coding, and ask about projects. If low emotional intelligence is the problem, choose something you’re interested in that will make your boss see you as a human being, not just another line item on his quarterly budget.
Instead, channel all the frustration and negative emotions you feel towards your boss into finding a new job. Use your extra time at home to revise your resume or give it a new template to spice it up, and find new job leads. Use extra time you've got at lunch to go on informational interviews.