Monday 19 March 2018

Art Niche 2018-Art Carnival of CEC,AMU. Aligarh:Through my Lense

The ‘Art Niche 2018’, an art carnival was organised by Cultural Education Center of Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh, from 13th March to 16th March, 2018 at Kennedy House Complex.It was a four-day International Art Festival with theme Art Niche 2K18.This festival is getting a brand popular name for people of Aligarh. Art Niche festival provides a very good platform to display talents of AMU students.
A View of  Kennedy House Complex during Art Nich 2018 organised by C E C of AMU. Aligarh

This colorful event was started with a splendid sight as Japanese candles were drifted into the sky during the inaugural ceremony of the extravaganza at the Abdullah Hall, Women’s College, AMU.
The festival included many events such as International Art Exhibition, Workshops, Swaad Niche (Food stalls/Gaming Stalls), Photo logy, Fun Events, exciting Art Competitions; Rangoli/Calligraphy, T-Shirt Painting, Matka Painting, Tattoo Art, Bottle Painting, Face Painting/Makeup Art, Soap Carving, Cosplay/Performing Art etc.

CEC lawn in AMU was decorated with Rangoli patterns with calligraphy and fashion sketch on display. The installation of creative art structures were conceptualized by Sabir Khan with the support of Ranjan Kumar, Faizullah Ahmad and Ayaan Madaar.
Omair Iftekhar with famous Artist Mr Gulrez Ali
Meanwhile, Swaad Niche, a Commercial Bazaar, with a 3D photo booth and gaming zone were attractions of many people.
Mr. Sumeet Chopra ,journalist with Wajid Khan and Ms Afreen Khan

Internationally renowned artist and TEDx Talk speaker, Mr Aditya Dev Sharma with Bharti Sapra (Head, ADIFA Fineart, New Delhi) conducted an interactive workshop engaging students in discussions of ideas of life and world unity.During the workshop Mr Sharma motivated participants by saying that ‘don’t follow fashion, but become the fashion’.
Mr. Gori Yusf Husen Internal Calligraphy Artist
A major highlight of the event was the inaugural of an international Art Exhibition at Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery by eminent artist, Mr Gulrez Ali, Prof Madhu Rani (Chairperson, Department of Fine Arts), Mr Gori Yusuf Husen (International calligraphy artist).Suneet Chopra (Journalist and Politician).The exhibition had art on Syrian war by Zainul Abdi and Ayaan Madaar and works of Jamel Ahmed and Abdul Hasan on display.

Cultural Programs wre also organised during this festival such as Musical Performances by musical clubs of Cultural Education Centre, Monologues by Drama Club, CEC and Padhant: A Prose & Poetry Recitation of Urdu Literature by Azharuddin Azhar&Team sitar and flute music given by Akhlaque Ahmed and Momin Ali respectively.

The main attraction of Art Niche 2018 was: Inventive artist Wajid Khan the humble holder of a patented form of art called nail art painting and 200 inventions.

Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan –Owns a patent and a Guinness record in his name. He left school at Class V and then, eventually house too. He has been commissioned to design a unique sculpture for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Qatar.

Inventive Artist Wajid Khan

Apart from Guinness, Wajid Khan is featured in the Golden Book of World Records, Limca Book of World Records, India Book of World Records, and Asia Book of World Records. 

Gori Yusuf Husen renowned calligraphy artist from Gujarat taught students calligraphy which gave star to the international art exhibition.
Momin Ali playing  flute

Another spectre of the festival was the? Photology Exhibition? Comprising of photo-booths where people created dreamy pictures of themselves. The exhibition had Prof Farhat Basir Khan from Jamia Millia Islamia as the Guest-of-Honor.

Monologues by Shakir Ali signifying destruction to an innocent life caused by superstition and portraying the true image of the society by Jafar hasnain the secretary of drama club along with the background music through flute by Momin Ali.Haider Saifullah and Faizan Ilahi Jafar Hasnain, also entertained audience with sweet melodious songs during this festival.

 Professor F S Sherani (Coordinator, CEC), Muzammil Bhavani and Dr Abdur Rahman helped in organising the event. The festival ended with a felicitation ceremony. Over 9, 000 people visited the four-day festival. Momin Ali (Ex-General Secretary PR, CEC), Amna Jalali (PR Head of University Fine Arts Club) Yuman Zafar and Nihal.

 Posted and Photographed by Engr Maqbool Akram


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