Sunday 22 April 2018

The Destiny.Do People Come Into Your Life By Coincidence Or Is It Destined.

Do People Come Into Your Life by Coincidence or Is It Destined.

Let’s uncover the mystry, do people come into your life by coincidence or is it destined? Are soul mates pre-destined or chosen? This small story “Destiny” tells that; Destiny or soul mate relationships are pre-destined meetings that you have agreed before you entered to this earth.
With whom life is to be lived, when, where and on which turn t.hey will get together is unknown.

Have you ever met someone in life who unnaturally grabbed your eyeballs and you formed amicable relationship without putting many efforts? Do we meet people by coincidence or fate plays its role? Every person we meet, we are meant to meet is destiny..
And the Story goes on as….
Mom: Father is getting crazy day by day
What happened??

Read this letter….
Ok, be calm and tell me whose letter is this and what is written in it.
By this letter Mathur saheb my senior in office; has proposed his sister in law for me.

So what? One day you have to marry some one.We are in search of a good bride for you as per your choice, she may be the same.

No, mom it is not a simple proposal.last month, when father came Rourkela, we were shopping in Big Bazaar.There we met Mathur Saheb. I introduced him and he got a chance. I was on counter for payment. As per his passionate habit, he asked him to suggest a girl for me.

Ravi’s parents were searching a suitable match for him.They introduced many girls, but Ravi feigned on any excuse.This time his father ordained him to meet the family as suggested by Mathur Saheb. Desperately ,he agreed to meet them.
So one fine day heavy hearted Ravi boarded on train for Patna.He kept his luggage on his seat.He urged a cup of hot tea, standing at foot step of compartment, called a vendor for tea.

Guard flagged and train started trundling.He saw a girl running behind train she was trying to catch the same compartment. Ravi grabbed  her hand and pulled her inside.Breathing hard, thanks she told.To his utter surprise her berth was in same cabin in front of him.

Ravi purchased Aloo ki Tikki at Tundla station; she requested him one tikki for her too, and this way chatting started. She introduced herself as “Nimmi”, MCA from Delhi University working in an MNC of Gurgaon. A current to Ravi by hearing that she too is going Patna to see his sick uncle.

Covering up the reality he told that he is on official work in Patna. Ravi’s tiffin was fully loaded with food stuffs.He offered his tiffin in lunch and dinner to Nimmi. Ultimately they shared their personal likes and dislikes with each other and contact numbers too. Ravi asked Nimmi to help her in sight scenes of Patna. They hardly realized that train is about to reach Patna.

Nimmi left to her uncle’s home and Ravi to his evening at 6.00 PM was the time decided when he has to visit the address given by Mathur saheb.

Lying on his bed in hotel, Ravi analysed this 30 hours journey with “Nimmi”. He realized that he has fallen a wind whirling mad love with Nimmi. His heart was beating for her, so decided to skip this meeting and on returning back home, propose ‘Nimmi”.

His mobile was ringing.It was his father, who reminded and scolded him not to come back without meeting with them.

Despite of unwillingness he went there and pushed call button. He was introduced with family members.Very soon he mingled with them.

 A girl in shalwar suit, head covered with scarf, entered in the room with tray of tea pot and kept it on Dining table that was already loaded with spicy snacks and sweet dishes.

She is Archana ,our daughter.PhD (Chemistry) from Patna University and Associate Professor in Patna University. Ravi was bewitched.He surfed over her; she was looking alike “Nimmi”, his co-traveler from Delhi to Patna,but  her eye look  was blank without any signal of acquaintance. She was looking a perfect daughter of East, while “Nimmi” was bindas in jeans ,T-Shirt and plugged in mobile ear phone.

After 30 years.
One fine morning at tea…
Mr Ravi Mathur, do you remember how we met? Was that an incident or Destiny?
Archana asked him.
The script of our meeting was pre planned by our parents.My reservation in same train my entry all were scripted. I behaved and my attitude, all were as per you dream girl.

Sure, I know, I never fitted in the mold
of your sweet dream girl.It is me Archana and proud of me.I have my own personality, my own identity, my own likes and dislikes.I am not a shadow of your dream girl.”Nimmi” was your dream girl. But we lived magical life full of caring and loving with passion.
Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram. Photos in this story are shared from sources available on Net with thanks

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