Sunday 20 May 2018

Management Tips: What Not To Do Before You Quit Your Job--The Professional Way.

Many people leave the job with souring relationships.Take care that you are more often remembered by your attitude at exit than your tenure.It is advised to walk away with pride and honor. So you must know “What Not to Do before Quiting the Job in Professional way”.Be humble and Professional at quieting the job.

With each job quit you are leaving a trail of opinions.These opinions could build a solid reputation that helps in securing future jobs, or they could result in negative comments that could kill a great future job opportunities. How you behave towards the end can greatly impact your reputation.

You've given notice at your job because you have got a better job. It's an exciting time, and your happiness about your new opportunity can cloud your judgment.  You can forget that the people you work with will remember you for the things you said and did during your last few weeks at work more than they will remember what you did and said for years before that.

Here are Eight Management tips:”Not to do as you're leaving your job”, and blunders to avoid.keep Professional attitude at quieting the job.These “not to do when leaving your job” while shifting to a new job, will help you in leaving the job with head high and your reputation pristine.

No matter how well or how badly you were treated on the job. It's in your rear view mirror already. You're moving up and onward! We've all heard that it's important to leave a job on good terms, but we can easily forget what those "good terms" require.

(1) Remember to be humble. Resist the temptation to celebrate your good fortune of landing a new job too enthusiastically with co-workers. You will only alienate your soon-to-be former colleagues.Do not badmouth management or staff. People have long memories about criticism, and you never know when inquiries about your performance will be made by future employers. Even if you hated your job or your boss, there's no point in saying so. 

(2) Once you give notice, your next priority is to leave your desk and your role in perfect shape. If you can, create a report that lays out your current priorities and projects and the status of each one. It feels very good to put this wrap-up report together and it will make your replacement's life much easier.

(3) Don't tell anyone that you are happy to be leaving your job, even if it's written all over your face. Your soon-to-be-former co-workers are still stuck in jobs they may not love any more than you loved yours.

(4) Any project looks like it won't be completed when you leave, tell somebody where the project stands and what still needs to be done on it, and put that information in writing to your manager also. Never, ever say anything negative about your boss or the company, even if your work-friends ask you.

(5) You know which files on your computer are yours and which belong to your company. Don't take any client, vendor or internal information with you, but be sure to get your personal photos and files off your company machine before your last day of work. Don't reach out to customers to tell them you're leaving until that communication has been approved by your boss. After all, they are the company's customers rather than your personal contacts. You can certainly reach out to any client you want to after you've left the company.

(6) In those final weeks it may be tempting to take long lunches, arrive late and leave early, but all eyes are on you. Experts suggest that you maintain the same work pace that you’d previously set and keep a positive attitude.

(7) Issue notice on a Friday- Midweek is just an odd time, and on a Monday or Tuesday, you are catching people as they are about to dive into a full week of work.

Doing it on a Friday is best. It gives you and your employer the rest of the day, and the weekend, to think about it and come to terms with the decision. If you are a key member of the team, your boss will likely need to come up with a game plan on how to replace you. He or she may also want to make you a counteroffer, asking you to sit on your resignation and think it over. For this reason, Friday is the most strategic day to hand in your notice.

(8) Say thank you. Take the time to thank everyone who has helped you to be productive in your role. Your generosity and modesty will be remembered. Single people out and express your gratitude for their support at any going-away parties. Take the time to send a goodbye email to the people you've worked with.

Above Mangement Tips for,What Not to Do before You Quit Your Jobwill help you to walk away with grace and pride. It’s important to leave a job on good terms, but we can easily forget what those "good terms" require.

You are going to quit your job with your head held high and your reputation pristine, no matter how well or how badly you were treated on the job. Keep your Pride attitude even at quieting the job . You're moving up and onward! We've all heard that it's important to leave a job on good terms, but we can easily forget what those "good terms" require.

Above Blog has been shared by Guest Blogger Sheeba Siddiqui, an HR Expert .Posted by Engr Maqbool Akram and images are from Net.


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Be humble and patient, complete the knowledge transfer and maintain good relation with team.

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