Monday 18 June 2018

Magic Of First Look: Pahli Nazar Keya Asar Kar Gayi

You feel strongest when someone is there for you to stand by you, when you are about to loose. A single word of appreciation, some times a first look proves a magical effect.The magic of first look has power to change the failure into success. In urdu it may be said as“Pehli Nazar Keya Asar Kar Gayi”.This story narrates the same” magic of first look”.
Magic of First Look--Pahli Nazar ka Asar

Arshad was sitting in balcony of his flat.It stopped raining few hours before. The pits in compound were filled with rain water.Boys of colony were out from houses to enjoy first rain of the season.One by one a group of boys were trying long jump over water filled pit which was shallow and not very wide.Most of them failed to cross and were felling in water.

Boys Jumping over Drain

Oh!!It was some thing the same, the same evening after rain that flashed out in his memory. That was a huge compound of Nawab of a small state.Surrounded by residential houses on two sides. A cemented tennis court in mid. There was a small fountain too and a small garden having mango, Kathal, Chikoo, guava, papaya and a grove of henna plants  at one corner  a tube well and  water tank at one end of garden.

Boys of the Compound were standing at drain and enjoying the turbulent water flow.Some boys prepared paper boats and left in drain to flow completely without anchor, at the mercy of the wind and waves. Small kids were collecting velvet mites in small glass bottles. This came out in large numbers after rain.
Kids playing with Water Boat
Velvet Mites
Arshad proposed his friends to cross the drain in one jump. Every boy would get three chances to show the skill. Ok, it was greeted by 8 boys with cheer. There were small stone pebbles on both bank of drain. Drain was not deep, if foot didn’t touch ground at other bank; chances were to fell in water with some injury. 

Competition started, one by one boys came running and jumped over but fell in drain. Arshad too fell in drain in his first trials.Most of the boys left jumping challange to cross the drain in second chance.

Chapaak!!! He lost his balance and again fell in water. His trouser was torn at knee, hand was injured by stone pebbles, half body at other bank and half in water.It was competence that his head didn’t touch the earth otherwise  it may be cracked.
Magic Of First Look

Arshad turned back to leave challenge, suddenly he glanced Farhat in black scarf over her head.She was sitting at cemented plate form under heavy shade of old Banyan tree with her sisters. “It means she is watching him” He thought.

The magical Arrow of first glance was pierced.He was drenched with a deep feeling of oneness, world suddenly seemed warmer, brighter and more welcoming.Now his resolution was to win.The dullness sublimed and a magic was inside him. Presence of Farhat was meaningful for him.Pehli Nazar Keya Asar Kar Gayi. Alluring gaze has intoxicated him.

He again prepared himself to jump over drain.He took away his wet shoes  striped off shirt, folded pants over, took a long running start up, bounced in air. With in a blink he was at other side of drain.He cried “I did, I did...I have crossed drain” and laid flat on earth. Farhat was unable to understand, why he is so overjoyed.He has simply crossed a drain in one jump. Arshad burbled himself “I won because she was here’’.

Magic Of First Look---Unki Pahli Nazar Keya Aasar Kar Gayi

He was a student of high school. Farhat in class viii, came with her parents to live in this colony.Her father was a govt officer and his job was transferable from one city to other.

After some years her father was transferred to a new posting place. From that day black scarfed Farhat with waving hand was etched in his memory for ever.This memory proved his strength and courage at dark moments of his life as a shining star in a dark night.

After completing Law graduation, he joined judiciary service. Farhat's memory proved always a symbol of protection for him.By passing time he became a Judge of supreme court.Her memory proved always a symbol of inspiration for him.Even after decades he was feeling himself debtor of Farhat.

Today a case was for hearing in his court, which petitioner lost in lower courts. The case was between a widow and her in laws over a property rights .They were adamant to strip her with all property rights of her late husband and throw on road.

Arshad entered in court room and glanced  the audience in court. Ouch!!! Black scarfed Farhat was in them “his symbol of strength”. She did’t waved her hand.There is a saying, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”.True love doesn't need proof, and the eyes told what heart felt”. Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.”

It was the moment to get rid of his debt “The magic of her first look”. That look which proved a mile stone, a turning point of his life.After hearing, his judgement was in favor of Farhat the real heir of her late husband.

There is only one thing powerful enough to defeat all... “The power of love.Some times it comes as magic of first look. 
Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram. Photos with thanks are from sources available on Net.

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