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The Lost City Pompeii:--The Volcanic Eruption Turned People into Stone And Ashes Within Seconds.

Pompeii remained undiscovered for 1,500 years after the tragic volcano eruption. The volcanic eruption turned people into stone and ashes within seconds.


For centuries after the deadly eruption, Pompeii was buried and forgotten by humankind, but the remains of the city were kept perfectly preserved, and today they provide us many with fascinating facts about the ancient civilization of Pompeii and the secrets of Mount Vesuvius.


It wasn’t until 1599 that Pompeii was accidentally rediscovered by Italian architect Domenico Fontana while he was digging a water tunnel. Even though the excavation of Pompeii started well over 3 centuries ago, it still continues to this day.


The disaster that befell Sodom and Gomorrah is very similar to the disaster that destroyed Pompeii.


The Qur'an tells us in the following verse that there is no change in Allah's Law;


Al-Qur'an 35:42-43

Yes, no change will be found in Allah's way (rules). Everybody, who stands against his laws and rebels against Him, is subject to the same divine law. Pompeii, the symbol of the degeneration of the Roman Empire was also involved in sexual perversity. Its end was similar to that of the people of Lut.


On 23 August AD 79, the people of Pompeii were celebrating the Festival of Vulcan, the God of Fire, enjoying a glorious summers day unaware that for most of them it was to be their last.


All life in Pompeii was wiped out in just 15 MINUTES of the catastrophic volcano eruption that suffocated thousands in the Roman city 2,000 years ago.


Pompeii was destroyed and completely buried during the catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mt Vesuvius.


Pompeii was a town of some 20,000 inhabitants situated on the shoreline of the Bay of Naples on the fertile flat-lands at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. It was a bustling and prosperous town in an area of Campania that was fast becoming the chosen playground of the rich.


But the lava of Vesuvias wiped the whole city off the map in a single moment. The most interesting aspect of the event is that nobody escaped despite the terrible violence of the eruption of Vesuvias. It is almost like they did not even notice the catastrophe, as if they were charmed.


Moments later Vesuvius exploded once again sending millions of tons of molten lava surging towards the town at more than 100 kilometers an hour.


It would destroy everything in its path. But its effects would descend upon many of those still huddled in their homes long before the lava arrived.


The bottom of Vesuvius now collapsed sending a black cloud of death across the Bay of Naples choking to death many of those who had earlier fled into the countryside believing they had escaped.


The removal of Pompeii from the face of the earth by such a disaster was not purposeless. The historical records show that the city of Pompeii was exactly a center of debauchery and sexual pleasure of life.


The city was marked by a rise in prostitution to such an extent that eventually the number of brothels was not known. Male organs in their original sizes were hung on the doors of brothels. According to tradition, rooted in Mithraic belief, sexual organs and sexual intercourse should not be hidden but displayed openly.


(Archeologists first excavated the city during Victorian times, shocked by the open sexual perversity of the people, a secret museum was formed to house some of the artifacts found.


These included many falic symbols, images of homosexuality and even bestiality, to be viewed only by a select ‘League of Gentlemen' who Victorian society deemed to be capable of dealing with the images.)


A family eating their meal were petrified right at that moment. Numerous petrified couples were found in the act of intercourse. The most interesting thing is that there were couples of the same sex and couples of young boys and young girls.


Here lies the most incomprehensible aspect of the calamity. How did thousands of people wait to be caught by death without seeing and hearing anything?


This aspect of the event shows that the disappearance of Pompeii was similar to the destructive events mentioned in the Qur'an, because the Qur'an particularly points to "sudden annihilation" while relating these events.


For example, the "inhabitants of the city" described in Surah Yasin died all at once in a single moment. The situation is told as follows in the 29th verse of the Surah:

"It was no more then a single mighty blast, and behold! They were (like ashes) quenched and silent. "In the 31st verse of Surah al-Qamar, again the "instantaneous annihilation" is emphasized when the destruction of Thamud is recounted:

"For we sent against them a single mighty blast, and they became like the dry stubble used by one who pens cattle."

The death of the people of Pompeii took place instantaneously, just as the events recounted in the above verses.

Erotic, Lustfull, lewd life of Romans (Pompeii)

In the Classical world sex was nothing more than a pleasurable experience and due to the Gods they worshiped; In fact the Penis or Phallus was seen as a symbol of the rejuvenate power and force of nature.


There was such a large amount of erotic frescoes and artifacts that in 1599 when the digging of an underground tunnel, diverting the river Sarno hit an ancient wall displaying an erotic scene, the image was plastered over by Dominico Fontana


Pompeii was once full of symbols of the Phallus and other erotic imagery as the people of Pompeii and Herculaneum thrived off their sexual encounters.


The preserved art and sculpture of Pompeii demonstrates the behaviors and experiences of the civilians occupying Pompeii at the time of its destruction.


The Phallus is a symbol of the forces of nature and fertility and because of its consistent appearance we are able to assume that the people of Ancient Rome were familiar and comfortable with the male genitals.


Penis was not a pornographic image and that it was a symbol of luck and fertility. This allows us to understand that Christianity developed the conservation's that censor sexuality today.


During Excavations a number of Brothels were discovered including Laupanare which consisted of 10 small rooms, erotic frescoes, sexual graffiti and brick base beds with stone pillows.


A number of erotic images were discovered on the walls however it is unclear whether each image depicts the sexual act that is performed or if they are there as a form of pornography to heighten pleasure.


The excavations of Brothels reflect the ambivalent behaviors and attitudes toward the pleasure of sex and indicate that prostitution was not only legal but the state could possibly have owned the brothels themselves.


This means that with out the eruption we would be unaware of how the Romans felt about sex and how they enjoyed the pleasure of sex to such an extent that it was actually a business.


These brothels give us a unique perspective of the daily activities of the Romans and also show us that prostitution was a form of income for some woman.


Despite all these, things have not changed much where Pompeii once stood. The districts of Naples where debauchery prevails do not fall short of those licentious districts of Pompeii. The island of Capri is a base where homosexuals and nudists rule.


The island of Capri is represented as a "Homosexual Paradise" in tourist commercials. Not only on the island if Capri and in Italy, but in nearly all the world, a similar moral degeneration is at work and people insist on not learning form the awful experience of past peoples.

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