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Thursday, 8 November 2018

A.M.U Students Union Election 2018:In Camera of Engr Maqbool Akram

The AMU Campus: Center of learning and higher education most of the time remains peaceful, silent, and engulfed in an academic atmosphere, was suddenly wake up from its kumbh karan sleep. Black and white campus became colorful and noisy.
The campus was flooded with Colorful banners, posters and flags of contesting candidates.Candidate supporters were running motor bikes in full speed with ear bursting horn sounds.Social sites as Face book,U-Tube and tweeters were spammed by messages and video clips in support of candidates. 

The reason was notification of Chief Election Officer for Aligarh Muslim University Students' Union (AMUSU) elections 2018. Prof Zaheer-ud-din announced that polling for AMUSU Office bearers and representatives of University Court will be held on November 3, 2018 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in respective faculties.

AMU. Aligarh Students Union acts as a mediator between the administration and the students fraternity, because they have the power to work for the welfare of the students.Union is primarily responsible for building and preserving a healthy political culture and an atmosphere of open debates on the campus. 
The main attraction of AMU. Students Election 2018 was the final speech by chair candidates, from Union hall terrace on November 1, 2018 from 2:00 pm onward. This final speech may be said as semi declarations of winning candidate.

Over 18,886 students are expected to vote in the Aligarh Muslim University Students Union Elections, where around 3,014 are women voters, but only 65 % voters turned to use their power.

Shahzad Alam Barni (2012-13) was first Ph. D Scholar who became the president of AMU Students’ Union.

Contestants for President of AMU Students union Election 2018 were

(1).M salman Imteyaz,(P.hd-Social works)
(2)Mohammad Ghaznabi-(P.hd-Hindi)
(4)Mobashshir Husain Shah-(P.hd-Public Administration)
(5)Asad Murtaza-(B.A.Linguistic)

Contestants for Vice President of AMU Students Union Election 2018 were
(1)Yasin Ghazi-(M.A.Human Rights)
(2)Hamza Sufian-(M.A.Mass Com
(3)Mohd. Arif Khan-(M.A.Human Rights)
(4)Son Veer Singh-(M.Tech)
(5)Zaid Shervani-(M.S.W)
 Contestants for Secretory of AMU Students Union Election 2018 were
(1)Huzaifa Amir-(M.A.L.L.M)
(2)Salman Ahmad-(PhD-Geology)
(3)Ghufran Ali-(PhD-Geology)
   (4)Mohd. Sufian-(M.A-Economics)

Contestants for Cabinet Member of AMU Students Union Election 2018 were
There were 28 candidates for 10 Cabinet Member.
Contestants for Court Members of AMU Students Union Election 2018 were
There were 32 candidates for 11 Court Members.
A Brief History of AMU Students Union
Sir Sayed, in 1884, established a debating club, on the pattern of Cambridge University. Known as the “College Union Club”, then became famous as “Sidon’s Union Club”, as its first President was Henry George Sidon’s.
First Vice President of Sidon Club in1918 was Dr Zakir Husain, who later became Vice chancellor of AMU .Aligarh and then President of India.First president of AMU.Students Union in 1920-21 was K.M Khuda bux.
The first Vice President was a student named Sajjad Husain. The first Hony. Secy. was Sayed Md Ali with 10 cabinet members of the Union. The main objectives of the Union Club were to produce good orators and wise leaders. From 1902 on wards, it also started having an honorary librarian; Nawab Ali was the first librarian. On 22 February 1905, Morison laid the foundation of “Sidon’s Union Debating Hall”.
In 1920, when it got the status of university with massive political mobilization (1898-1920), it came to be known as “Muslim University Union”, and its first Vice President was Sayed Nurullah, (who later on became the Pro Vice Chancellor of AMU, has co-authored a book on history of education).
The President used to be the Vice Chancellor. In 1952-53, it came to have a new constitution for itself and was probably the only Students’ Union in the world to have got a formal registration. Then it came to be known as “Muslim University Students’ Union”. And the Vice Chancellor became “Patron”, rather than the President of the Union.
In 1953-54, for the first time, a girl was elected as a cabinet member of the Union. She was Ms Zahra Naqvi, M.Sc. Physics, final year. Then, even the western countries did not have women franchise.Mahatma Gandhi was the first life member of the union and was conferred upon him on 1920. 
Result of AMU.Aligarh Students Election-2018
 After a peaceful polling Results of winning candidates were declared early in the morning of 4th November 2018 at 4.00.

President—Mr. Salman Imtiaz elected as the new President of Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union 2018 (AMUSU), Salman hails from Aligarh and is a student of PhD Social Work.He got 5,705 Votes

 Vice President—Mr.Hamza Sufyan was elected for the post of vice president, Hamza is a student of Social Science department.He got 5,577 Votes.

Secretary—Mr.Huzaifa Aamir grabbed Secretary Post. Huzaifa is pursuing MA in Language and Media Management.He got 5,731 Votes.

10 winning Cabinet Members of AMU. Aligarh Students Union 2018
(1)Syed Shahrukh/Senior Cabinet (8,913)
(2)Gautham.K (7,332)

(3)Fakhra Khan (6,604)
(4)Ferdous Ahmad Barbhuiya (5,810)

(5)Nishant Bhardawaj (5,790)
(6)Naved Aalam (5,029)
(7)Maryam batool (4,798 votes)
(8)Moiud-din (4,505)
(9) Hasan Mustafa (4,828)
(10)Fahad Ayyub jinjani (4,342)

AMU Students Union Court Members

Faculty of Arts: Abdul Waheed
Faculty of Law: Raas Masood Khan
Faculty of Theology & Agriculture Science:
Faculty of Medicine:
Md. Raashid
Faculty of Commerce;Md.
Bilal Khan
Faculty of Life Sciences: Md. Ghayasuddin
Faculty of Science: Mohd. Khalid
Faculty of Management Studies:
Anas Ahmad Khan
Faculty of Engineering: Arshe Alam
Faculty of Social sciences:
Salman Ahmad
Faculty of Unani Medicine:
Maaz Ahmad

Ending this blog with the message of Mr Sonveer Singh an M.Tech student,a candidate for Vice Presidential post of A.M.U Aligarh Students.He posted this message on his Face Book.

सयैद के चमन के बुलबुलों को मेरा प्यार भरा नमस्कार!! अस्सलाम वालेकुम !!
मेरी तरफ से इस वर्ष चुने गए एएमयू छात्रसं के नवनिर्वाचित पदाधिकारियों और कैबिनेट सदस्यों को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ,जिन्होंने दिन रात की मेहनत के बाद इस सफलता को प्राप्त किया है।
अलीग बिरादरी ने इस भरोसे के साथ आपको अपना नेता चुना है कि आप अब उनके हक़ की बात करेंगे, कि लीबिया , सीरिया, फलस्तीन पर अटक कर रह जाएंगे।
आप हमेशा उनके हक़ के लिए लड़ेंगे कि अपने व्यक्तिगत स्वार्थ के लिए।
आप उनके बीच मे रहकर राजनीति करेंगे कि राजनीतिक पार्टीयों के बीच जाकर नेतागिरी करेंगे।।
आप हर उस शख्स के साथ खड़े होंगे जो अलीग बिरादरी से सम्बन्ध रखता है कि सिर्फ अपनी लॉबी वालों के साथ देंगे।
आपको हर समुदाय के लोगों ने चुना है तो हर समुदाय के लोगों के हक़ की बात करेंगे, कि महज एक समुदाय की बात करेंगे।
आप प्रशासन से हर मसले पर बात करने के लिए आगे रहेंगे, कि प्रशासन से मिलकर उसके मोहरा बनेंगे।
आप हमेशा ज़मीन से जुड़ कर छात्रों की ज़मीनी हकीकत को समझेंगे कि यूनियन में आने के बाद आसमान में उड़ना शुरू कर देंगे।
आप हॉल टू हॉल जाकर हर हफ्ते छात्रों से रूबरू होंगे कि यूनियन हॉल में बैठ कर मुलाकात करने के लिए छात्रों से इंतज़ार करवाएंगे।
आप हर उस वादे को निभाने की कोशिश करोगे जिन को आपने अपने मेनिफेस्टो में शामिल करवाया था।
अगर आप जरा सा भी छात्रों के भरोसे को कायम रखने में सफल हुए तो आप यूनियन खत्म होने के बाद भी हमेशा छात्रों के नेता बने रहोगे, वरना यूनियन हॉल से निकलने के बाद कब आपको अपनी बाइक चलवाने तक के लिए एक व्यक्ति का ढूढ़ना पड़ जाएगा, आपको पता भी नही चलेगा।
उम्मीद करता हूं अब तक चुने गए नेताओ की राह पर चलकर खुद की राह बनाओगे और इस अलीग बिरादरी के भरोसे पर खरा उतर कर एक मिसाल कायम करोगे।
सोनवीर सिंह, प्रत्याशी उपाध्यक्ष पद,
एएमयूएसयू 2018-19

Written, photographed and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram.