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Orru Adar Love: Eye wink that stole thousand hearts: Ankhyon se goli mare.

Exchanging  flirtatious  glances  across  a crowded  auditorium, Ankhyon se goli mare

This post is an immediate spur for a song Manikya Malaraaya Poovi”, with images exchanging (Eye Wink) flirtation glances across a crowded auditorium from a Malayalam Movie Orru Adar Love”.Film is directed by “Omar Lulu”. Starring Priya Prakash Varrier, Siyadh Shajahan, Roshan Abdul Rauoof, and Noorin Shareef in the lead roles. The film stars all newcomers who are making their acting debut.
Orru Adar Love--Eye Winking in crowded Auditorium
 Remember a fifteen year old song Ankhyon se goli Mare from Film Dulhe Raja picturised over Govinda and Rvina Tondon.But that was a pure Comedy open in medows, dancing and singing.

Ankhyon Se Goli Mare.
There is a saying, ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul.’ It means, mostly, people can see through someone else by eye contact. The results indicated that couples who participated in mutual eye contact reported stronger feelings than any other group.

If you want to make someone fall in love with you, one of the first things you should do is to look in attitude:In this song The attitude is Eye Winking.

“Orru Adar Love” is a musical love story. There are eight songs in the film. The plot itself is about students at a higher secondary school. These are 10+2 students. Five heroes and four girls are the main characters. The film is about their lives, love and friendship. But one of these story lines is about what is precious love: Orru adaar love.The film is about different kinds of love. Orru Adaar Love means that one extraordinary love – a love that is superlative.
Priya Prakash Varrier--Girl of  "Ory Adaar Love"
Actress Priya Prakash Varriar played the role of a school gorl in this film. Her Eye winking a special glance with her boyfriend in class room got viral on social media from a song in film.So far, 34 million people have watched the song released on social media 10 days ago.

The movie makers say:“The movie is an adolescent love story. The song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” has been misunderstood by people outside Kerala (non-Malayalam speakers) as it is being wrongly translated/interpreted and taken out of context which is ……

Originol Lyric in Malyam Language
Manikya Malaraaya Poovi
Mahathiyam Khadeeja Beevi

Makkayenna Punya Nattil
Vilasidum Naari…

Vilasidum Naari…
Haathamunnabiye Vilichu

Kanda Neram Galbinullil


Kachavadavum Kayinj
Muth Rasoolulla Vann

Beevi Thunij…

Manikya Malaraaya Poovi
Mahathiyam Khadeeja Beevi

Makkayenna Punya
Vilasidum Naari…

English Translation – Manikya Malaraya Poovi Lyrics
(A woman like the ruby flower)

 A woman like the ruby flower
Her highness- Khadheeja Beebi

In the holy city of Macca
She lived like a Queen

 Asked Khaathimun Nabi
Sent as in charge of trade

At the first sight of him
She desired him

 After completing the expedition
Blessed Rasulullah came back

To marry the Prophet
Was the Beebi desire

 A woman like the ruby flower
Her highness- Khadheeja Beebi

In the holy city of Macca
She lived like a Queen

Hindi Translation – Manikya Malaraya Poovi Lyrics

रुबी फूल की तरह एक महिला
उनकी महत्वाकांक्षाखड़ेजा बीवी

मक्का के पवित्र शहर में
वह एक राजकुमारी की तरह रहते थे

रुबी फूल की तरह एक महिला
उनकी उच्चता खादीजा बिवी

मक्का के पवित्र शहर में
वह एक राजकुमारी की तरह रहते थे

Khatam- एक- Nabbiyin बुलाया गया था
और व्यापार के प्रभारी भेजा

उसकी पहली नजर में,
इच्छा उसके दिल छापा।

इस अभियान को पूरा करने के बाद
धन्य Rasulullah वापस गया

पैगंबर से शादी करने के लिए
बीवी की इच्छा थी

रुबी फूल की तरह एक महिला
उनकी उच्चता खाडेजा बेबी

मक्का के पवित्र शहर में
वह एक राजकुमारी की तरह रहते थे

The film music and score is composed by Shaan Rahman The song "Manikya Malaraya Poovi" sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, a revised modern version of a Mappila song, was uploaded on 9 February 2018 on YouTube as part of the promotions. 

The film music and score is composed by Shaan Rahman The song "Manikya Malaraya Poovi" sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, a revised modern version of a Mappila song, was uploaded on 9 February 2018 on YouTube as part of the promotions. 

Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram with help of Materials available on net and Wikipedia.Photos are from sources: With Thanks.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Romancing Mystic Love Of Rumi: By Kamaljeet Grewal

Rumi: Was a superstar while he was alive and he has been admired. Loved and cherished in the East ever since and in the West and globally since the 1990s. Rumi -The great Poet of mystic Love, of the 13th century has composed his poems and prose works in Persian. Rumi was the most famous personality in the region and his fame and unique mystic poetic style full of Romance had already spread 3,000 miles away to India during his lifetime.
Mevlana Rumi-The Sufi poet of Mystic Love

It's impossible today to imagine how popular poetry of Love with a mix of mystic was at the time of Rumi. It was the pop music of its time. Rumi is sometimes called the Master of Mystic Love because the Sufi path strives for ecstatic ego and annihilation in the fires of Divine Love.

Mevlana Rumi's Shrine in Konia--Turkey
His Sufi poems and works have the real essence of union with Beloved God, " the primal - The God", the concept of tauhid (Indivisible Oneness of God).

Rumi's unique style of poetry became all the rage at the time. He blended romantic imagery of classical Persian poetry that features a beautiful female companion, a cup of wine, a flower garden, moon lit night and candles burning with quotes.

In his poems he added mystical references, direct emotional expressions, issues involving maturity and growth of the soul and even anecdotes about daily life.There are four major themes that run in his Sufi words: Heartache, Drunkenness, Disagreeable Lover and Aloneness.

Feel the romance that Rumi has captured here so beautifully.
“Your eyelashes will write on my heart
The poem that could never come from the pen of a poet.” 

Translation is an art but to explain the poem in simple words, expressing what the poet wants to convey is a science.It is difficult to follow in depth the message and spirit of Rumi's poems, based only on translations.
Kamaljeet Grewal---Guest Blogger of "Romancing Mystic Love of Rumi"

Because I cannot sleep 
I make music at night .

Seekers and Lovers are creative by nature!
The stillness of the night...
When scattered emotions are gathered...
And are deeply felt and embraced by the loving heart.
The night becomes a catalyst!

It's deep felt feelings...Yearnings...Longings..
Desires...All culminate to a positive and beautiful outburst:
The most melodious and soothing Music springs forth
That soothes...Calms and balms...The burning fires of separation from the Beloved beloved!

Music is the wine of love...The whispers of the soul are drowned in the cacophony of confusion and din of the day.
But night provides the silence for the soul to display its abilities and divine music is born!
Soul is the origin of soulful music!

I feel, when u are awake at night, n even, if u r sighing for ur mortal beloved, u r so much closer to God.....ishq khuda se mila deta hai.. love takes you to God...u cry n u weep n you sing...n you dance....twist n turn...n cry in estacy of pain, o Lord, may my beloved be happy n well, o alighty, let me hear from him, o good, bring him to me...or take me to my beloved...we talk to we look for our beloved...just a thought

The bonds are felt stronger in the silence of night..when the mind is shut off from cares and responsibilities of the day ...and in this calm state music flows spontaneously from the depths of the soul !

Drink all your passion and be a disgrace.
Close both eyes to see with the other eye.
Open your hands if you want to be held.

You have to move and make sincere efforts to reach the Beloved.
He has blessed you with this beautiful life, movement, will and a mind...Along with a feeling heart and eternal soul.
You have come to this world with such treasures...
Use it judiciously...

Rumi guides...Love with extreme passion .without thinking of others verdict .This Love is between you and your Beloved...Do not allow anyone to build a wall by his criticism...

When in deep Love with your Lord ...close yourself from the world outside by closing your worldly eyes and allowing your inner eye to behold His light ...
Throw your hands up to him total acceptance and surrender. facilitate yourself to be held in His embrace...

It is only in this state when you offer yourself holistically at His altar...Does that ultimate merge with the beloved, take place.
Shun the superficiality ...offer yourself completely to Him...

Highly mystical n inspirational words...True loving demands perseverance n consistency in all our actions n deeds so as reach destination.... The right course is persistency despite hurdles n challenges.....enduring pains with courage n building strong connection with the beloved (Allahswt)

Love is fearless
In the midst of
the sea of fear !

Love is bold and Beautiful!
Love in its natural form is docile..calm ..and soft ...but if it is challenged can become the bravest..Fearless warrior!
It will never accept defeat!
Love is pure and genuine ...and that which is untainted by selfish a a WINNER...all the way!

Love is like a gushing stream down the mountainside...unstoppsble ..cuts through the steep cliffs ...unharnessed !
Do not ever try to come in the way of Love!
Allow Love to flow in its melodious fluidity!
And see it spreading fragrance...all the way!

Requires balance . . . is not a matter of intensity but a balance and order and rhythm and harmony. Fortunate , indeed , is the man who takes exactly the right measure of himself and holds a just balance between what he can acquire and what he can love . . . don't loose your balance in the processing of loving , it's better to rise from love as from a banquet -- neither thirsty nor drunken.

 Love itself is bravest and purest... Love can make its way through all the troubles... love crosses all the hurdles and reaches its destination... It's fragrance make u feel it... Even if it is miles away...

Rumi is only sending us a Reminder..  We know that Fear is the weapon of Ego.. a disaster in life. Cheers to Love, Faith and Hope. Let´s focus in the colourful essence of LOVE!

universal truth.....God, Himself is love Love is everything....true n divine love never get fear of just keep going on where time never ends....boundlessly...

Love is usually tender, gentle and calm but when it is challenged or provoked it is like a storm in an ocean- it cannot be controlled, calmed or defeated. It breaks all boundaries and overcomes all hurdles. The power of love should never be underestimated.

What a joy 
to travel 
the way of the heart.

The heart and its positive functions provide joy and happiness to the total being ...his mind...Soul ...and the moments that he goes through!

Rumi , the great seeker ...always gave importance to pursue actions and paths the destination of which is ultimate joy !

Little joys of life like pleasant surprises ...worldly relations blossoming beings entering our lives ...successes ...travels ...all these are sources of joys.

Then we move to a higher plane ...where spiritual pursuits ..become important ...and the seeker heart now aspires a path to take him to this enlightened 

I am blooming from the wound ...
...where I once bled.

Wounds and bruises that life gives us are 
undeniably painful !
Yet the lessons that they leave behind for us, are wise ..sagacious and astute ..that no book or school can ever teach !

“The wound is the place, where the light enters ' another quote of Rumi stresses the same!

Friends...wounds we all have had in different forms...but these have left us enlightened and discerning...

Diamond is the result when a stone is brought under high pressure and the flower which is result when a seed is sowed in dust the pearl that is the result when a drip of water is stored in darkness ...similarly a thought that undergoes intense pondering.

When a star shines, it consumes its very being marvellous is the result of comfort....yes when a thought is matured and is decorated with experience of odds and even...It becomes wisdom , when a wound is deep and is cared lovingly then it blooms ....reflects light .

True that.... the universe works for us not against us!!! If a rough patch/troubles cross our path and after intial panic if we pause and analyze m so damn sure that we DO find a reason which makes us understand for our own betterment... cuz God cannot talk to us therefore, he opts for diff ways to communicate wd us by giving happiness or sorrows!!!!

The wounds maybe healed but the scars remained, that remind us always of the pain we went thru, getting over it is real hard but the fruit of it is sweet and triumphant.
Time heals every wound in our lives but don't dwell on the past your story can't be erased but your future is yet to be written make the most of what's going to happen instead of worrying what you can't change enjoy the moments in which you could be happy. What the world needs, is Love.What the world no longer needs, is the lack of Love.
How to achieve this?
All our brain, thoughts, movements, behavior, and especially, feelings
create our universe from inside out.
This is it!
Love starts always in the heart.
No other option.
Peace also.
Why do we create and the more, why do we accept the absence of peace?
Why do we tolerate and even more, put people with obviously no inner peace and Love inside on the top of our nations of the world, or as leaders of our companies that rule the world in their own way of gaining profit above all?
Why don´t we support the ones that dare to resist and go for the Good?
Why don´t we take a risk and reveal our own power of creating consciously?

Inner Truth of highest purity.
Who dares to take all his veils from the wounded heart inside and goes through the responsibility of being the source of all the lack of Love inside oneself as Alpha – Sender to Omega? What comes around goes around.
This is all about.
Still one is untrue to oneself.
The more, the less.
Still one resonates to this unwanted - so choose to let go and resonate higher in Love, peace, joy, compassion, kindness, forgive. .
Strive for your true heart purpose and take nothing for granted.
What is given, may be taken.
Just like that.
And Vice versa!
This is the gift.
What was lost shall easily be given back!
Go for it.
Be True.
Be You.
No more, no less.
Just Love.
From within.
We are.....
You are.....
I am Loved

All wounds bleed, but eventually heal. They are painful but in the process of healing, they teach us about life. We tend to mature and getter wiser after a difficult period of pain or grief. 

Life wound reshape us...This wounds with time become points of strength in our life...No need to be shame of them because they show that we are a warriors are the only ones who have wounds so be proud of yourself and don't worry.

Darvesh in Raqs

I am Thankful to Ms KamalJeet Grewal for sharing this right up ” Romancing Mystic Love of Rumi” as a guest Blogger.She is Masters in English Literature, having a degree in Management in Travel & Tourism, Montessori trained, she follows her passion in education by running a Montessori School and a Teachers' Training Institute. 

I can only comment as a reader and say that I have immensely enjoyed the interpretation as Romancing Mystic Love of Rumi’s  poems by Kamaljeet Grewal.

Posted by Engr Maqbool Akram with help of materials available on Net—Photos are from sources with thanks

Saturday 17 February 2018

Management Tips: 10 Words You Never Say To Your Boss

Here are the words and phrases you should never say to your Boss; even he is your best friend.It is important to remember that your Boss is your superior. There must be a line you shouldn't cross.

"If they continue Unrelenting these phrases can disrupt your planning for another great job."

Keep you Mouth Shut For these words to Boss

There are certain comments and questions based on negative perspectives that can set you back with your boss.

Always maintain a level of professionalism—Saying the wrong thing could really do some damage to your career.Make sure your Boss never likes these words slipping from your mouth. 

In Board Meeting--Never Say these words to you Boss

(1)'That's not part of my job'

You Find Your Work is below your skill.Nothing good can come from telling your boss you won’t do something because it’s not part of your job description. “It doesn’t matter what you were hired to do “You should be willing to contribute in new ways.” How to speak to your boss plays a big role in whether or not you get ahead at work. The way you write emails can also make or break your career.

If your boss asks you to do something that you believe is outside the scope of your position, you should express your concern. The key, however, is to use a neutral tone.

No job description is ever set in stone. "As cross-functional teams remain the order of the day. You’re expected to be flexible and make your boss' life easier," "As a side note, the more skill sets you accumulate, the more indispensable you are."

Adjust your expectations. If your underutilization is more of an annoyance than an existential burden, there's no problem with staying where you are. You'll just have to adjust your expectations and realize that this job isn't everything.

With the understanding that your work is somewhat beneath you, you'll be able to better manage the day and feel at peace with your place in the organization.

Find your supporters beyond your boss. These management professionals share their best tips on how to deal with a boss who wants to keep you down.
Build trust with your boss: Trust isn’t built overnight, but there are things you can work into your everyday interactions with your boss to start developing a trusting relationship that will lead to more opportunities.

(2)"Why Does Ravi Get to do the more important projects? Why don't I?"

Why it's a mistake: This type of statement suggests that you are questioning your boss's judgement.

"They won't like that;" Boss may have very sound reasons, or simply prefer Ravi to you."

What to say instead: Approach it from a positive perspective.It is better to say something like, "I'd love to have the chance to work on the project. What can I do on my end to allow you to consider me for that opportunity?"

(3)'It's really not my fault; it's Ravi's fault'
"Taking responsibility is key,"of Success.The blame game is a treacherous path. If you're innocent, then explain why. Don't implicate others if you bear the primary responsibility. "If you're always seen as someone pointing the finger, eventually your boss is going to question who is really to blame."
(4)'That's impossible'

Your Boss doesn't wants to hear negativity or a lack of conviction. If you have concerns, state what they are and ask for input.
One of the best approaches in deciding whether to share your thoughts with your boss or ask sensitive questions is to put yourself in their shoes. Your comments and questions shall reflect a positive, can-do, and confident. Remember loose lips sink ships — so choose your words carefully when you feel challenged at work if you want to thrive in your career."

(5)'I can't'---- ‘No”

Keep the conversation positive with your boss.They don't want to hear what you can't do; they want to hear that you are open-minded and ready to learn to do it their way.

A "can-do" attitude is always a valued trait. "I can't" shows both a lack of confidence and unwillingness to take chances — neither of which will endear you to management.

Your cooperation is expected, and so is a polite tone. "Telling your boss 'No' is a challenge — and is sometimes necessary — but it can be inappropriate if you don't phrase it well with an explanation,"

When your boss asks you to do something there is never a reason for you to ever answer with the word, "no". Even if you are super busy with other projects and you really feel that you don’t have adequate time to do it all, ask your boss to help you prioritize which task you should do first. That way you look like an employee that has a ‘can’t do attitude’ but one with a ‘can do attitude’

(6)'I don't know'---'I don't have a solution'

You may not have the answer to every question, but your best guess and a promise to find out is much better than a shrug of the shoulders. "Anytime your boss would need to do the work for you, assume that's not a path you should take."

(7) I don’t know how to do that"

If you boss asks you to do something, and you’re not sure exactly how to do it, you definitely should not let on that you are clueless.

Instead, ask Boss for direction on how to get started (i.e., is there a co-worker who can teach you? An online tutorial you could follow?) This shows that you’re ready and willing to learn, without admitting outright ignorance. 

(8)'I just assumed that ...'
"To err is human, but to defer blame is a career killer,” This answer causes frustration for many bosses, as they'd rather hear that you made an error in judgment and learned from it instead of excuse. 
(9) “I need a raise.”
You want to make more money? Shocking.“Everyone wants a raise, so you’re not saying anything that your boss doesn’t know,” But hold your tongue and don’t make demands of your Boss, particularly when it comes to salary.
The big problem with this four-word statement is you’re phrasing that a salary bump should be something that you’ve clearly earned.
Say instead: “I’d like to discuss a raise based on my performance this past quarter.” Then, cite important milestones, and quantify your accomplishments where possible.

(10) “I can’t work with that person-Ravi.
Your boss expects you to do your job, and sometimes you have to work with people you don’t like. Don’t show your boss that you’re difficult to work with by refusing to work with specific individuals.

The final word for this blog is that, you must be sure not to ever say above quoted words to you Boss. How to speak to your boss plays a big role in you professional carrier.These several phrases and words are most hated by Bosses. It is advised you should avoid at all costs when communicating with your Boss.
Author of This Blog is guest blogger Sheeba Siddiqui an H.R.Expert. (Photos are from other sources with thanks)