Monday 18 June 2018

Magic Of First Look: Pahli Nazar Keya Asar Kar Gayi

You feel strongest when someone is there for you to stand by you, when you are about to loose. A single word of appreciation, some times a first look proves a magical effect.The magic of first look has power to change the failure into success. In urdu it may be said as“Pehli Nazar Keya Asar Kar Gayi”.This story narrates the same” magic of first look”.
Magic of First Look--Pahli Nazar ka Asar

Arshad was sitting in balcony of his flat.It stopped raining few hours before. The pits in compound were filled with rain water.Boys of colony were out from houses to enjoy first rain of the season.One by one a group of boys were trying long jump over water filled pit which was shallow and not very wide.Most of them failed to cross and were felling in water.

Boys Jumping over Drain

Oh!!It was some thing the same, the same evening after rain that flashed out in his memory. That was a huge compound of Nawab of a small state.Surrounded by residential houses on two sides. A cemented tennis court in mid. There was a small fountain too and a small garden having mango, Kathal, Chikoo, guava, papaya and a grove of henna plants  at one corner  a tube well and  water tank at one end of garden.

Boys of the Compound were standing at drain and enjoying the turbulent water flow.Some boys prepared paper boats and left in drain to flow completely without anchor, at the mercy of the wind and waves. Small kids were collecting velvet mites in small glass bottles. This came out in large numbers after rain.
Kids playing with Water Boat
Velvet Mites
Arshad proposed his friends to cross the drain in one jump. Every boy would get three chances to show the skill. Ok, it was greeted by 8 boys with cheer. There were small stone pebbles on both bank of drain. Drain was not deep, if foot didn’t touch ground at other bank; chances were to fell in water with some injury. 

Competition started, one by one boys came running and jumped over but fell in drain. Arshad too fell in drain in his first trials.Most of the boys left jumping challange to cross the drain in second chance.

Chapaak!!! He lost his balance and again fell in water. His trouser was torn at knee, hand was injured by stone pebbles, half body at other bank and half in water.It was competence that his head didn’t touch the earth otherwise  it may be cracked.
Magic Of First Look

Arshad turned back to leave challenge, suddenly he glanced Farhat in black scarf over her head.She was sitting at cemented plate form under heavy shade of old Banyan tree with her sisters. “It means she is watching him” He thought.

The magical Arrow of first glance was pierced.He was drenched with a deep feeling of oneness, world suddenly seemed warmer, brighter and more welcoming.Now his resolution was to win.The dullness sublimed and a magic was inside him. Presence of Farhat was meaningful for him.Pehli Nazar Keya Asar Kar Gayi. Alluring gaze has intoxicated him.

He again prepared himself to jump over drain.He took away his wet shoes  striped off shirt, folded pants over, took a long running start up, bounced in air. With in a blink he was at other side of drain.He cried “I did, I did...I have crossed drain” and laid flat on earth. Farhat was unable to understand, why he is so overjoyed.He has simply crossed a drain in one jump. Arshad burbled himself “I won because she was here’’.

Magic Of First Look---Unki Pahli Nazar Keya Aasar Kar Gayi

He was a student of high school. Farhat in class viii, came with her parents to live in this colony.Her father was a govt officer and his job was transferable from one city to other.

After some years her father was transferred to a new posting place. From that day black scarfed Farhat with waving hand was etched in his memory for ever.This memory proved his strength and courage at dark moments of his life as a shining star in a dark night.

After completing Law graduation, he joined judiciary service. Farhat's memory proved always a symbol of protection for him.By passing time he became a Judge of supreme court.Her memory proved always a symbol of inspiration for him.Even after decades he was feeling himself debtor of Farhat.

Today a case was for hearing in his court, which petitioner lost in lower courts. The case was between a widow and her in laws over a property rights .They were adamant to strip her with all property rights of her late husband and throw on road.

Arshad entered in court room and glanced  the audience in court. Ouch!!! Black scarfed Farhat was in them “his symbol of strength”. She did’t waved her hand.There is a saying, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”.True love doesn't need proof, and the eyes told what heart felt”. Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.”

It was the moment to get rid of his debt “The magic of her first look”. That look which proved a mile stone, a turning point of his life.After hearing, his judgement was in favor of Farhat the real heir of her late husband.

There is only one thing powerful enough to defeat all... “The power of love.Some times it comes as magic of first look. 
Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram. Photos with thanks are from sources available on Net.

Saturday 9 June 2018

Rival Brother Kamran Mirza of Humayun: “Rivalry” The Turning Point Of Indian History

Humayun's Tomb in Delhi-India
One very well known rivalry was between Humayun (1508-1556) and his step-brother, Kamran Mirza .He always back stabbed Humayun and generous Humayun always used to forgive him.

Humaun got challenges by his younger brothers and by Afghan generals, who had served under his father. His enemies were not Hindus but his own Muslims.

Humayun defeated his brother Kamran Mirza in Kabul
Mughal custom all royal princes were equally entitled to inherit power, which led to many rivalries in later years when Mughal princes fought each other until the most competent, the most ruthless, or simply the luckiest ascended the throne."

The throne inherited by Humayun was not a bed of roses. Babur had practically got no time to consolidate his position and authority.
(1)-Babur had four children by Maham Begum, of whom only one survived infancy. This was his eldest son and heir, Humayun.
(2)-Gulrukh bore Babur two sons, Kamran and Askari.

(3)-Dildar Begum was the mother of Babur's youngest son, Hindal.

In accordance with the wishes of his father Babur, Humaun gave Sambhal to Askari, and Alwar to Hindal. As regards Kamran, he gave him the provinces of Kabul and Kandahar.

Babur the second Moghul (1508-1556)

Inspite of this, Kamran was not satisfied. He attacked Punjab nd brought the whole of the Punjab under his control. Humayun did not fight with Kamran and gave the Province of the Punjab to him. 

This possession of vital military importance gave Kamran control over the high road between Delhi and Punjab.It was a suicide attempt by Humayun.

Humaun was deprived of the source from which he could have recruited his new army. He was left only with the empire which was newly conquered and over which his hold was not secure.
Humaun in  Asylum of Shah Tahmasp in Persia.
After this, in 1540, Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri at the Battle of Kannauj and exiled from the country. The only place where he could seek refuge was at Kabul, which was ruled by Kamran, but he did not have any intention of giving up Kabul. Finally he got refuge under Shah Tahmasp in Persia.
Humaun in Court of Shah Tahmasp of Persia

But Kamran here too, tried to bribe Tahmasp that he would give him Kandahar, if he handed over Humayun to him. But Tahmasp the king of Persia, helped Humayun, and Humayun defeated Kamran, and established his rule over Kabul.

After facing defeat, Kamran yet again conspired against his brother and went to Islam Shah in Delhi, Sher Shah Suri’s son. But Islam Shah arrested Kamran and handed him over to Humayun.
The End Of Kamran Mirza
This time too Humayun tried to forgive his traitorous brother, but others advised him against it, which included their sister, Gulbadan Begum. Kamran had negotiated and ordered his blinding instead – a punishment that had been carried out by piercing Kamran’s eyes with the sharp end of a spear and then pouring salt and lime into the wound.The merciful Humayun refrained from killing his brother. He blinded him and dispatched him to Mecca.
Captured and blinded as a traitor to the throne, Kamran is believed to have lived out his remaining days with his young son and wife, Mah-chuchak Begum Arghun. Breathing his last a year after the death of his brother, Humayun, in 1556.

The End Of Hindal Mirza,And Askari Mirza 
The other two brothers, Hindal and Askari, were weak and shifty tools in the hands of Humayun's opponents. His cousins also opposed him. Instead of dealing with his enemies firmly one after another, he divided his forces, weakened them and wasted time in merry making.
Hindal Mirza, the most disloyal of his siblings, died fighting on behalf of Kamran Mirza.This killing turned the sentiments of the royal family against Kamran.
 His brother Askari Mirza was shackled in chains at the behest of his nobles and aides. He was allowed go on Hajj, and died en route in the desert outside Damascus.

Restoration of  his Throne

Meanwhile Sher Shah Suri died in 1545, and his son and successor also died within a few years of his father in 1554. Sensing the opportunity Humaun gathered a large army which he placed under the leadership of Bairam Khan. He led the army and successfully laid claim to the throne for the Mughals. Once again Humayun claimed Babur’s throne on 23 July 1555.
But his period of happiness was short lived, just six months after the ceremonial accession to the throne of Delhi, Humayun met with an accident in his library and died three days later on 25th February 1556.
Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram, with the help of materials available on Net and Wikipedia,photos are also from net with thanks

Sunday 3 June 2018

Exploring Hyderabad on Foot:From Koti to Moazzam Jahi Market

I firmly believe the best way to explore a city is on foot.It’s cheap, easy, and gives opportunity to see and experience the city all along the way.As a traveler, you can’t experience these things from behind the windows of a bus or a car.

What’s the best way to do all that? Lace up your best walking shoes and explore on your own two feet. Exploring a new city on foot is a great way to get a feel for a new place, discover great restaurants and hidden gems, architecture, culture, road side foods, how the locals behave, and more over you get the opportunity to interact with the locals’ .In this way you will be soaked in the atmosphere of the place to your full enjoyment.
Moazzam Jahi Market-Hyderabad
So one fine morning, I decided to explore Hyderabad on foot.This travelling covered from Koti to Moazzam jahi Market.I left city bus (public transport) at Koti stop.It is special to mention that one can get public transport for any part of Hyderabad city from Koti bus stop. 
Koti Market
So be ready to walk with me from Koti. One of the oldest shopping regions in Hyderabad-with an existential pedigree of about 200 years, Koti Sultan Bazaar is the one-stop heaven for the latest trends in women’s fashion, though that’s not the only thing that you’d find here.
Koti  Market-Hyderabad
The area's name comes from the word Koti Residency, kothi meaning a mansion. This was later converted (1805) to house the British resident James Achilles Kirkpatrick and which was, in 1949, converted into the campus of the Osmania University College for Women.
Women Fruit vendor at Koti Market-Hyderabad

Here I found many big book shops.Book vendors were selling books lining along the road. Soon realized that since educational institutes surround the area only textbooks are sold here. One point, Koti used to be the go-to place for textbooks, and the weekends would be packed with, medical and engineering students in search for second-hand versions of their expensive reference books.
Building of Zonal Andhara Bank at x-sing of Koti Chauraha -Hyderabad
A huge and grand building of Zonal office of Andhara Bank is on a prime location of koti sultan Bazaar. Fruit vendors, most of them are women, sell fresh fruits sitting in a line along road facing Andhra Bank.
Koti Osmania University  Women’s College
At a stone’s throw away from the crowded Koti Bus stop there is situated The Osmania University College for Women which is a prestigious educational institution of Hyderabad.
Koti--University College of Women--Hyderabad
The building of Koti Womens College was at once the embassy of the East India Company to the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the residence of James Kirkpatrick, the British Resident. Within its compound there were several quarters, including a zenana (women's quarters) where Khair-un-Nissa lived the love and wife of James Kirkpatrick. Khair un-Nissa was great niece of the Prime Minister of Hyderabad.After independence, this Residency building was converted into a women's college in Osmania University College for Women in 1949.
Koti Sultan Bazar

Koti Sultan Bazaar lies between the commercial areas of Abids and Koti. During the British rule in India, Koti Sultan Bazar was called Residency Market. This market has a long 200 years of history. Koti Sultan Bazar is famous for the latest fashion when it comes to women’s clothing. 
Koti- Sultan Bazar-Hyderabad
From silver junk jewelry to rare pieces, this market is a one-stop-shop for shopping in Hyderabad for all you ladies out there. From stylish Indian salwar kameez sets to churidars and dazzling footwear.

The variety on offer is mind boggling and the amazing deals you can get here will surely confuse you. Street shopping in Hyderabad at its best!
Osmania Medical College is one of the oldest medical colleges in India (1847 A.D.)Seventh and the last Nizam of Hyderabad Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan established Osmania University in 1919 A.D. and in the following year the Hyderabad Medical College.
Osmania Medical College-Hyderabad
The story behind the opening of the Hyderabad Medical School 
The Fourth Nizam of Hyderabad Nawab Nasirud-Dauwlah fell ill (Probably he was suffering with Diabetes) in 1842/43 A.D. and he did not recover for quite sometime under the treatment of Unani Hakeems, as all the people in Hyderabad had belief in Unani Medicine and no one practiced Allopathic Medicine here before 1846 A.D.
Mr. Fraser the then British Resident in Hyderabad recommended treatment of the ailing Nizam by the Residency surgeon Dr. William Campbell Maclean He treated the Nizam by adjustment in his daily diet, without any medicine, as the Nizam wanted that, he must be cured without having to eat or drink any Allopathic Drug.
 The King followed the diet schedule as prescribed by Dr. Maclean and recovered within a period of three months. The western system of medicine thus appears to have gone high in his estimate and so, he ordered for the establishment of the medical school in Hyderabad. But, for one year no student came forward.
While roaming in Koti, you can’t miss the tempting spicy Rajasthani Chats. This age-old eatery is the go-to place for the most mouth-watering chaat in the city of Hyderabad. Few years ago, Gokul chat shop faced a terrorist attack and since then entry is allowed after a security check. They have removed the sitting arrangements, eat standing. 

Gokul Chat Shop in Koti--Hyderbad
Here I charged my energy enough to walk on foot by dahi puri, hot mirchi bajji, pav bhaji, and ended with a cooling sweet Kulfi.


pigeon house -KOTI-HYDERABAD
There is small PIGEON park behind the gokul chat that is a marked place for pigeons and belongs to pigeon welfare association with a colorful pigeon house towering in the middle. there were thousand of pigeons in this small park.i entered in the park and fed the pigeons and clicked them. this was a beautiful part and experience of this walk.
Pigeons at pigeon Park in Koti-hyderabad
Behind this PIGEON park was another market full of chaos, with vendors all around and customers pushing around. In this street there was a Shvetambar Jain temple, a typical structure in white marble. Hyderabad Metro work was on progress, this construction turned this market over crowded. Sometimes it was difficult to breath Fresh air.Flower vendors were selling Flowers on road for devotees of this temple.
Shawetanber jain temple behind pigeon park koti-hyderabad
FLOWER SELLER  OUT SIDE  shawetamber jain temple in koti-HYDERABAD

Abids, a shopper’s paradise

One of the oldest markets in Hyderabad is ABIDS,which may be called as “Abids, a shopper’s paradise”.Both sides of the Abids road is dotted with hawkers selling a variety of merchandise at a price most find reasonable and light on wallets. What also appeals to shoppers is indulging in the artful haggling over prices that is a common sight all the day.From books to knives, this market has almost anything on sale at a reasonable price.

abids main market (with thanks to  wikipedia) 

One of the oldest markets in Hyderabad is ABIDS,which may be called as “Abids, a shopper’s paradise”.Both sides of the Abids road is dotted with hawkers selling a variety of merchandise at a price most find reasonable and light on wallets. What also appeals to shoppers is indulging in the artful haggling over prices that is a common sight all the day.From books to knives, this market has almost anything on sale at a reasonable price.

The origin of this Abids street name is quite interesting.

Abid was the name of the owner of the first shop, Albert Abid, Valet and Steward, a Jewish merchant in the area. He was also a incharge to Nizam IV. Hence the place is so called.

Abids  Sunday Market shopping 
According to another version, Abids derives its name from the first departmental store of Hyderabad, owned by Abid Evans. Such was the popularity of this shop that the whole place comprising business  CENTERS  got this name.

Abids, a paradise of Book Lovers

Come Sunday and the roads of Abids spring to life with shoppers searching for literary efforts of popular authors. When one talks about book bazaars in Hyderabad, the first name that comes to mind is the Sunday Abids book market. 
Abids road side book shops 
This is a treasure trove for book lovers.Every Sunday morning, the book vendors are lined up on the footpath and staircases.
Moazzam Jahi Market
Moazzam Jahi market was constructed by the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan in 1935, and was named after his second son Moazzam Jah Bahadur. Originally meant to be a fruit market, it soon turned out to be a place where one could find just about anything — fruits, vegetables, flowers, groceries, earthen pots, arms and ammunitions, paan, ice-cream, dry fruits, hookahs and ittar — and buy them at wholesale prices. Open space inside the market is feeding ground for pigeons.

Inside view of Moazzam Jahi Market Hyderabad 
Moazzam Jahi Market was constructed in a planned way, with covered corridors and open spaces. The material used for construction of this structure is the granite stone, and the roofing is done in the jack arches method. The market has a flat terrace accessed by spiral staircases; its interior courtyard forms an integral part of the building and was designed with the city's climate in mind.
Even today, the market boasts of the busiest streets in the city with hordes of visitors. This Moazzam Jahi Market is a connecting point between the old and the new city

Hand Made Famous ice creams of Moazzam Jahi Market

The famous ice-cream Shops in the market are the visitor's delight and serve a variety of handmade ice cream to patrons in all seasons.
Hand made Ice cream Shop of Ghafoor Bhai in Moazaam Jahi Market  
I would ensure that my friends coming to Hyderabad would also visit the place and taste something that they cannot find anywhere  else in the world. The market is noted for ice cream that every one craves for it. This place is a house for different flavors of mouth watering ice creams such as sitafal, anjeer, mango,Papaya and many more. 
Karachi Bakery
It was started by Sri Khanchand Ramnani ji, a Sindhi migrant  from Karachi to Hyderabad in 1947 during Partition of India. In 1953 Ramnani opened the first Karachi bakery of Hyderabad next to Seena Bakery Moazzam Jahi Market.
Today it is the most famous bakery of not only Hyderabad but the whole region, located on Moazzam Jahi MarketKarachi Baker is popular for its fruit biscuits, dil kush ,fruit bisciuts and plum cake. Experience the aroma this bakery dispenses as you walk across it.  

I was ecstatic in reurning back with enamored experiences of  this small foot walk on road of Hyderabad , from Koti and ended at heritage Moazzam Jahi Market.Where I ending my sweet carving by mouth melting handmade ice cream bowl of Ghafoor Bhais icecream parlour and purchasing a pack of fruit biscuits from Karachi Bakery.
Written posted and photograph by Engr Maqbool Akram