Wednesday 22 August 2018

God’s Own land Kerala: Worst Flood Of Century

Kerala is often referred to as God’s own country – A poem in green and gold. ‘God’s Own Country. This beautiful land is rightly called the paradise, given to its lush green scenic landscapes and crystal clear beaches that will leave you awestruck. Blessed with natural beauty and ecological diversity.

God’s own Land Kerala is facing the worst floods of century which have devastated Kerala the “God’s own land”, killing scores of people and forcing tens of thousands into relief camps.

As per reports --Kerala had inflicted a loss of about Rs 200 billion on the state’s economy.At least 400+people have been killed in flood-related incidents, “Over a million people are in the 1,500 relief camps. The casualty figure is expected to go up.

The floods have damaged hundreds of kilometers of roads and disrupted train and air services. The airport at Kochi, the busiest city in Kerala was closed.

Kerala, God’s Own Country! Who could curse God’s own country? Of course it would have to be man.  The floods in Kerala, the worst since the 99 floods witnessed in 1924, have already claimed nearly 400 lives and lakhs are homeless.

It is a widespread belief in the old generation of Kerala that the cause of this great flood was a major breach of the Mullaperiyar Dam. That is why the flood was so powerful, even at Munnar, and tore apart even a mountain as big as Karinthiri.  
 Old generation in the affected areas of Kerala - who are still alive - is the source of this information. There is no evidence to prove this as Kerala had seen floods even before the construction of the dam.

 "It is astonishing that the Munnar region, located about 6000 feet above the sea level was also submerged under floodwater."

While the 1924 disaster followed an estimated 3,368 mm rainfall across three weeks, the 2018 disaster comes in the wake of just over 2,000 mm of rain since July

The complete place, almost 80 percentage of the place in the Kerala state, is flooded with water. And the water is up to the second-floor level.

It is completely full of water. There is no land to be found. Kerala, Gods Own Country! Who could curse God’s own country? Of course it would have to be man.  

Helicopters and disaster management teams have been battling heavy rains to reach flooded areas of Kerala in order to evacuate people stranded in homes or on rooftops.
The images of Kerala “God’s own land” ,that is facing worst flood of century shows---submerged homes, marooned people,messages pleading for rescue, the stories of old, young and ailing persons, struggling to stay alive are shocking and gruesome beyond belief.

The scale of relief operations gives a sense of the magnitude of the tragic flood disaster. Massive rescue operations underway are witness that—Kerala is facing worst flood of century.

May God help Kerala in battle of worst flood of century.Any how your believers say “Kerala is God’s own land”.

Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram, with the help of reports by various news agencies and photos as available on net with thanks.

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