Friday 17 August 2018

Signals your Boss Doesn’t Like You: And You May Be Fired.

Imagine what happens when your boss doesn’t like you. Certainly you are likely to be fired. It is time to analyse whether you are a bad employee or your boss is a bad manager. May be, your Boss will not open his mouth. He will transmit signals that Boss Doesn’t like you, and your job is at risk and you are likely to be fired. You must be wise enough to understand it.

Signals: Your Boss Does't like you

Your strong relations with your boss may make him your strong advocate. However, just because your boss doesn't like, it doesn't mean you to put up him with abuses.
Your boss's impression of you is important, since he or she largely controls the projects you work on and whether you are promoted or fired.

Agreed you  are sincere  towards your job, have a good team sprit  and maintain good relationship with the rest of your team members, but less concerned with developing a strong relationship with your boss. Then it is possible that your Boss may not like you very much.

If you feel that you and your boss have been on strained relations. It is time to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns. Your boss might not say what he or she really thinks.

But if you're still not sure whether your boss is just a bad leader or just don't like you; here are eleven warning signals that your boss has little or no respect for you. It means your Boss Doesn’t like you.

Signals: Your Boss Doesn't like you

(1) Boss is Micromanaging You

One sign that your boss doesn’t like you is, he or she checks up your work before it is due, dictating details that he should trust you to figure out, and generally displaying a lack of confidence that you’ll do your job well. Micromanaging might just be some bosses' work styles, if you feel that Boss is micromanaging, and then your boss might not like you.

(2) Your boss keeps you uninformed

You are part of some projects, and your boss deliberately keeps you out of the loop. Have you ever felt un-informed about important points of a project or not being invited to significant briefings.
You are always informed about critical details from co-workers? It may be because your boss is intentionally keeping things away from you. 

If you notice that boss is friendly with other team members, leaving you it could be a reflection of what your boss thinks of you. Let’s say you only hear from your boss when he needs something from you or there is a scheduled meeting. You’ve tried to have a casual conversation or even just say “hello” in the morning, but boss seems completely disinterested. This too is a signal that your Boss doesn't like you.

(3) Lack of Eye Contact: The body language
Your boss may not look you in the eye or pay attention to you when you're talking. They may also seem more pre-occupied with their phone than your conversation.
When you say “good morning”, are you met with a grunt and no eye contact? It could be a hint to get lost. (On the other hand, if you get an eye roll, that’s a pretty clear sign, he hates you.) It is also possible that he thinks you’re annoying and wants you to go away forever.

Boss Doesn't like You

Their body language can be a sign too: Are they standing with their arms folded and closed off?" This could also involve communication via tech. If they're avoiding your emails or your text messages that could also be a clear indicator that they are not interested in you.
(4) You are turned down for a raise without much explanation.

Turning down your salary raise request isn’t the sign of a problem on its own, since there can be reasons that have nothing to do with you, like budget constraints.
But if your manager values you, he will  explain why he can’t grant the raise, and often explains when you can expect an increase in the future or how to earn one.

(5) They are not concerned with your well being

 This is one more signal that your Boss doesn’t like you. After you are out sick, your boss jumps right into everything he needs you to do without taking few moments  to ask if you are feeling better. When you have to miss work for a personal obligation, he asks if you can skip it or move it to a day that’s more convenient for him.

These are sure fire signals that your boss doesn’t like you and care about how you feel, physically or emotionally, and only cares about things directly related to work. It’s not your boss’s job to be your friend, but they should still care about your well being.

(6) They Ignore or Insult Your Ideas
A boss who doesn’t like you may purposely insult your ideas in meetings in front of others or completely overlook your suggestions. Instead of praising you and giving you credit for your work, a boss that doesn't like you will keep you down making jokes at your suggestions, ideas and work.

(7) Nothing you do is ever right

Is your boss constantly heaping criticism on you? When every other word out of your boss mouth is negative, it may be a sign to start clearing out your desk. Try asking your boss if there is anything you can do to improve your performance. Try incorporating the suggestions, but if nothing changes, you’re just fighting a losing battle.

No matter how good your work is or how much effort you put in, your boss only points out your faults without acknowledging your effort.

On the other hand, a person who respects you will always encourage you and state the positives, along with stating your flaws with a hint of positive reinforcement.

(8) He passes you over for projects

You’ve expressed interest in projects that you think you’re qualified for, but you are never chosen for the role. Instead, your boss takes the lead or gives it to someone else.
Your boss either doesn’t listen when you share your goals, or he hears them but blows you off. This is a sign that your boss doesn’t care about helping you accomplish your goals. It could also be a sign that he doesn’t trust you or thinks you’re qualified to lead the project.

(9) Your boss is being overly critical
No matter how good your work is or how much effort you put in, your boss only points out your faults without acknowledging your effort.
On the other hand, a person who respects you will always encourage you and state the positives, along with stating your flaws with a hint of positive reinforcement.

(10) Your boss doesn't have time for you

Given that everyone today relies on technology to communicate. If your boss doesn't take time out at all to speak to you in person, you should know that you are not held in high regard.
Before jumping to conclusions, ensure whether your boss does this only with you or whether everyone else also gets the same treatment.

(11) You are assigned to menial tasks

A powerful signal that your boss doesn’t like you is: when boss assigns you projects below your standard. Having hard tasks might seem terrifying, but it's one of the best ways for you to grow as an employee, especially when you want to be promoted. You may notice that your boss gives others in your group opportunities to learn and grow, attend training classes and take on more challenging responsibilities.

These eleven Signals are only few among many signals of clear indication that “your Boss Doesn’t like you: And You may be fired very Soon”.

You should therefore ask yourself why you're being singled out in this manner. Make sure none of your actions or words have led to these consequences. Either you are a bad employee or your boss is a bad manager.

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