Sunday 11 October 2020

Ali And Nino: A Peacemaking Tragic love Story From Azerbaijan

These doomed lovers inspired an automated moving statue named after them, which now stands by the seashore of Batumi, Georgia.

True Love Never Has an Ending

These tragic love stories carry the fragrance of emotions which make hearts wail and eyes fill with tears. And then there is an uncanny relief that follows after these stories end.


Ali and Nino is a tragic love story of romance between Ali Khan Shirvanshir, a descendant of a noble Muslim family, educated in a Russian high school for boys., exposed to western values in school and through his love to Nino Kipiani a Georgian princess(Christian tradition) with “the most beautiful eyes in the world” .


She has been brought up in a Christian tradition and belongs more to the European world. It was a time of First World War. Before they can marry, however, World War I erupts. Ali's friends enlist in the Russian army, but Ali bides his time until his homeland is actually threatened. 

This story takes a dramatic turn when a (Christian) Armenian, Melik Nachararyan, whom Ali thought was a friend, kidnaps Nino. In retaliation, Ali pursues him on horseback, overtakes his "lacquered box" car and stabs him to death with a dagger.


Contrary to the tradition of honor killing urged by Ali's friend Mehmed Heydar, Ali spares Nino's life. Ali then flees to Dagestan to escape the vengeance of Nakhararyan's family. Melik Nachararyan death sparks a blood feud between his family and Ali’s.


After many months, Nino finds Ali in a simple hill town in the mountains near Makhachkala. The two marry on the spot and spend a few months in blissful poverty. As turmoil follows the Russian Revolution, Ali Khan makes some tough ideological decisions. 

When the Ottoman Army moves closer to his native Baku, Ali Khan watches the developments closely. The Bolsheviks recapture Baku, and Ali and Nino flee to Iran (Persia). In Tehran, Ali is reminded of his Muslim roots, while Nino is fundamentally unhappy in the confinement of the harem in Iran, and is eager to return home.


Upon establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Ali and Nino return and become cultural ambassadors of their new country. Ali is offered a post as ambassador to France – an idea Nino had arranged – but Ali declines, because he fears he will be unhappy in Paris.


When the Red Army descends on Ganja, Azerbaijan, Ali takes up arms to defend his country. Nino flees to Georgia with their child, while Ali Khan dies in battle as the Bolsheviks take the country.


(The Bolshevik victory led to the establishment of Soviet domination of Azerbaijan from 1920 to 1991 and the end of the short-lived Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which lasted from May 1918 to April 1920.)


Despite the fact that they had a different religion, they overcame all the difficulties, and they got married. However, they were separated by the invasion of Soviet Russia in Azerbaijan. When Ali had to choose between his family or the country, Ali chose to die bravely for his own country.

The End

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