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Friday 22 June 2018

Women Managers are better bosses:An asset to organisation.

Women Manager are Good Bosses
In the battle of sexes, a recent study shows that women managers are emerging as better bosses and are proving asset to their organisation. But does this power of women overthrows a man from his throne? Today, both men and women are exposed to equal opportunities and liberties. The world has started accepting the fact that women are not just an object which is to be used and throw.
In fact at every level, more women managers were rated by their peers, their bosses, their direct reports, and their other associates as better overall bosses than their male counterparts. At all managerial levels women outscored men in leadership skills and competency.A study finds that women managers are better bosses.They encourage a positive team environment and provide employees with better career opportunities.

Women Manager are better Bosses
Now, let's have a look on why “Women Managers are better bosses, and asset to organization”.

1-Women managers  Bosses are  better  in  boosting  employee engagement?

Women can boost employee engagement at a much higher rate than their male counterparts.The report, based on 40 years of data, shows that 87 percent of professionals feel disengaged at work. And that’s a big problem — since unhappy employees are more likely to walk right over to the competition. The bottom line: If you want to be a great boss, you need to engage your employees. Scroll on for three tips for doing just that.

Women Manager are Better Bosses

Women are likely to push their employees and encourage them to go above and beyond. It’s also quick to point out these female bosses are making sure that their employees have interesting work that challenges them and deepens their skillset. Take note, ladies.

2.Women Manager Bosses  are Good communicators

A better communication can build a strong relationship.Women are better listeners than men, and this is exactly the skill that is most critical for managing employees and customers.Men communicates through activities rather than conversations.
Employees want their managers to hear their point of view, and customers want everyone to empathize with their problems. Being a better communicator will lead to a stronger relationship built on trust, which is critical to establishing loyalty.
Women Manager Bosses have more Patience
3.Women Manager Bosses have more patience 
Women have a skill of being more patient with the employees than the male boss. Women do not jump into a conclusion quickly and does not make a decision hastily. Winners have the tendency to wait for a long period for the desired result. 
4.Women Manager Bosses have Stronger ethics 
 Every organization needs to follow a set a codes and ethics for its proper functioning. A female boss tends to follow a stronger ethics and yet maintain a friendly environment. Women who are effective managers consider the rights of others in the pursuit of fairness
5.Women Manager Bosses are Good listners
Most of the times, a male boss fails to hear the personal problems of an employee. You can speak out your heart to your female boss as she has the patience to hear it. It can improve the relationship between an employee and employer. 
5.Women Manager Bosses are Better community builders. 
Women are better consensus builders and don’t have the need like men to direct everyone in what to do.
Best managers are learning to lead through the influence that comes from building collaboration rather than straight force or all out competition.

Women Manager Bosses are better Community Builders
6.Women Manager Bosses are Better at activating passion.

Women are “more astute about knowing how to activate passion in their employees. They watch the 43 muscles in your face and see how your emotions change.”

7. Women Manager Bosses haveTransparency: 
As a woman, you’re ahead of the game: female managers cultivate an open-office environment much more than male managers. Employees, especially millennial employees, are curious (and rightly so!). They want to know why a particular client is so important, why a new deck needs to be created, and why you’re asking them to work late in order to do so. You need to give them answers. The more in-tune they are with the business; the better they’ll be at their job.

If you can point out that their marketing research helped secure a multi-million dollar client, they’ll be more willing to go the extra mile in the future. Plus, they’ll also have a clearer picture of how to do the work you set out for them.

8.Women Manager Bosses have Positive Feedback:
Let’s be real: No one wants to feel like their work is going unnoticed. Make a point to write encouraging emails to your employees, highlight their accomplishments during company-wide meetings, or high-five them in the hallway so that other coworkers are aware of the great things they’ve been doing for the company. 

Though men rule the world, it is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. There was a time, when women used to sit at home and look after the household works and her family. 

Time has changed and so have the women. The experiences and sufferings of a woman make her a strong person and change her into a super woman, super mom or a super boss.
Women Manager are Better Bosses
Time has come that women should explore themselves more and more with and should prove that they are not less than man in this competitive world. 

Definitely, today, women managers make a better boss than men and proving themselves asset to organisation.Female boss can also help to prevent the sexual harassment in their office. Give a big salute to those women who achieved the position of a boss, not for ruling others, but for achieving the throne with their hard work and confidence.
A happy Woman Boss
This is a write-up:”Women Managers are better bosses: An asset to organization”, has been shared by Sheeba Siddiqui as guest Blogger. Sheeba Siddiqui is a HR Expert.Posted by Engr Maqbool Akram. Photos are taken from different sources at Net with thanks.