Sunday 22 April 2018

The Destiny.Do People Come Into Your Life By Coincidence Or Is It Destined.

Do People Come Into Your Life by Coincidence or Is It Destined.

Let’s uncover the mystry, do people come into your life by coincidence or is it destined? Are soul mates pre-destined or chosen? This small story “Destiny” tells that; Destiny or soul mate relationships are pre-destined meetings that you have agreed before you entered to this earth.
With whom life is to be lived, when, where and on which turn t.hey will get together is unknown.

Have you ever met someone in life who unnaturally grabbed your eyeballs and you formed amicable relationship without putting many efforts? Do we meet people by coincidence or fate plays its role? Every person we meet, we are meant to meet is destiny..
And the Story goes on as….
Mom: Father is getting crazy day by day
What happened??

Read this letter….
Ok, be calm and tell me whose letter is this and what is written in it.
By this letter Mathur saheb my senior in office; has proposed his sister in law for me.

So what? One day you have to marry some one.We are in search of a good bride for you as per your choice, she may be the same.

No, mom it is not a simple proposal.last month, when father came Rourkela, we were shopping in Big Bazaar.There we met Mathur Saheb. I introduced him and he got a chance. I was on counter for payment. As per his passionate habit, he asked him to suggest a girl for me.

Ravi’s parents were searching a suitable match for him.They introduced many girls, but Ravi feigned on any excuse.This time his father ordained him to meet the family as suggested by Mathur Saheb. Desperately ,he agreed to meet them.
So one fine day heavy hearted Ravi boarded on train for Patna.He kept his luggage on his seat.He urged a cup of hot tea, standing at foot step of compartment, called a vendor for tea.

Guard flagged and train started trundling.He saw a girl running behind train she was trying to catch the same compartment. Ravi grabbed  her hand and pulled her inside.Breathing hard, thanks she told.To his utter surprise her berth was in same cabin in front of him.

Ravi purchased Aloo ki Tikki at Tundla station; she requested him one tikki for her too, and this way chatting started. She introduced herself as “Nimmi”, MCA from Delhi University working in an MNC of Gurgaon. A current to Ravi by hearing that she too is going Patna to see his sick uncle.

Covering up the reality he told that he is on official work in Patna. Ravi’s tiffin was fully loaded with food stuffs.He offered his tiffin in lunch and dinner to Nimmi. Ultimately they shared their personal likes and dislikes with each other and contact numbers too. Ravi asked Nimmi to help her in sight scenes of Patna. They hardly realized that train is about to reach Patna.

Nimmi left to her uncle’s home and Ravi to his evening at 6.00 PM was the time decided when he has to visit the address given by Mathur saheb.

Lying on his bed in hotel, Ravi analysed this 30 hours journey with “Nimmi”. He realized that he has fallen a wind whirling mad love with Nimmi. His heart was beating for her, so decided to skip this meeting and on returning back home, propose ‘Nimmi”.

His mobile was ringing.It was his father, who reminded and scolded him not to come back without meeting with them.

Despite of unwillingness he went there and pushed call button. He was introduced with family members.Very soon he mingled with them.

 A girl in shalwar suit, head covered with scarf, entered in the room with tray of tea pot and kept it on Dining table that was already loaded with spicy snacks and sweet dishes.

She is Archana ,our daughter.PhD (Chemistry) from Patna University and Associate Professor in Patna University. Ravi was bewitched.He surfed over her; she was looking alike “Nimmi”, his co-traveler from Delhi to Patna,but  her eye look  was blank without any signal of acquaintance. She was looking a perfect daughter of East, while “Nimmi” was bindas in jeans ,T-Shirt and plugged in mobile ear phone.

After 30 years.
One fine morning at tea…
Mr Ravi Mathur, do you remember how we met? Was that an incident or Destiny?
Archana asked him.
The script of our meeting was pre planned by our parents.My reservation in same train my entry all were scripted. I behaved and my attitude, all were as per you dream girl.

Sure, I know, I never fitted in the mold
of your sweet dream girl.It is me Archana and proud of me.I have my own personality, my own identity, my own likes and dislikes.I am not a shadow of your dream girl.”Nimmi” was your dream girl. But we lived magical life full of caring and loving with passion.
Written and posted by Engr Maqbool Akram. Photos in this story are shared from sources available on Net with thanks

Saturday 14 April 2018

Management Tips: Words That Should Never Be Used In Resume.These words may spoil your dreams.

Here are the words and phrases you should never use in your Resume. These some worst, dumbest and most overused words and phrases, very common should never be use in resume. Recruiters, HR’s the hiring managers seeing these terms used over and over again, makes them irritated.They spare hardly six or eight seconds on each resume, things get pretty repetitious.

After all, you’re supposed to show your professional skills and achievements into one or two pages in a way that makes employers want to hire you on the spot.

 No matter how awesome your experience, qualifications and accomplishments all look on paper, the words you use to present yourself as a viable candidate can do more harm than good.

1. Dynamic

This word is drastically overplayed,If someone is a 'dynamic' Engineer, what does that mean? Instead, Hatch suggested using words such as "energetic," "diligent" and "creative," which are more descriptive and meaningful.

2. Hard Working
Have you ever heard the term “show -- don’t tell”? This is where that might apply. Anyone can call himself a hard worker. It’s a lot more convincing if you describe situations in concrete detail in which your hard work benefited an employer.

3. Team Player
See the preceding comment about showing instead of telling. There are very few jobs that don’t involve working with someone else. If you have relevant success stories about collaboration, put them on your resume. Talk about the kinds of teams you worked on, and how you succeeded.

4. Motivated
Everyone considers themselves to be "motivated," and they want potential employers to know that. They have lost their strength and now make potential employers roll their eyes.Being motivated is fine, and it's even okay to include in your job applications, but if you want to stand out from the crowed, you need to throw in a few application-specific modifiers. 

5. Creative

Words like ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ have been so overused that they’ve lost all meaning. Besides, describing yourself this way is your opinion and allows an employer to learn nothing about you.A much better way to use this word would be: ‘Worked alongside a team of creative people’–this essentially links you to creativity without tooting your own horn so loudly.

6. Results-Driven

One of the main reasons employers hire people is because they expect them to see a project through to the end and accomplish the results they had set out to do. Otherwise, why bother? Why hire someone who only does their job halfway and then gives up? In other words, this particular phrase is dispensable in resume. You could, of course, talk about a target you exceeded or an important deadline you met, but whatever you do, try to avoid saying you’re ‘results-driven’.

7. Extensive Experience-

Saying that you have ‘extensive experience’ or that you’re ‘highly qualified’ won’t necessarily make you seem better suited for the job you’re applying for. On the contrary, it might have the opposite effect. Generally speaking, these are filler words and don’t add any value to your professional background. Another phrase you should avoid is ‘seasoned professional’; it makes you seem much, much older than what you probably are and it also conjures up images of barbequed steak.

8. Responsible/Reliable

When people list this, what are they hoping to convey? That they show up to work on time? Well, that’s something you should be doing anyway. Does it mean you adequately fulfill the basic duties listed in your job description? Again, that’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s what is expected of you.

If you find yourself filling out your resume with items bragging about how you routinely do the minimum essentials of the job, stop. Highlight your greatest strengths and most extraordinary feats, not the pedestrian.Turn phrases like “responsible for” into “managed,” “led” or other decisive, strong verbs.

 9. Communication Skills

Your Resume should be as different as possible from that of the competition. That means avoiding overused words and phrases like “communication skills” which appear on practically every application a recruiter comes across.And what exactly does “excellent communication skills” even mean, anyway? Does it mean you can type an email? Does it mean you’re able to speak? Remember: a well-written Resume will demonstrate your communication abilities, so there’s really no need to highlight them under a heading.

10. Salary Negotiable
You’re wasting a precious line of your resume on this term. The word “salary” should not be used anywhere in your Resume.Leave talk of salary expectations for when you receive a job offer – otherwise, you might not even receive one at all. It’s one of the worst things you can ever put on your Resume.

11. Honest

Mentioning you’re an honest individual does not quite elicit trust in you. On the contrary, it might make employers suspicious of you and think you’re trying to hide something. Remember that honesty should be a given and not a special talent.

12. Punctual

Being punctual is pretty much expected of everyone who has a job and who wants to keep it. There’s really no need to highlight basic things like arriving to work on time. It’s dumb, meaningless and a complete and utter waste of space.

13. Flexible

Bragging about your flexibility is pretty much like being proud of tying your own shoes. Look around! For most workers today, things change at breakneck speed. Technological advances change our jobs on what seems like a daily basis, and employees know being able to adapt is no longer a feather in one’s cap – it’s a basic requirement for just about every position.
So instead of wasting precious resume down the word “flexible” to describe yourself, showcase your flexibility by listing accomplishments in your work experience.

14. Hobbies

Remember, this is a professional document whose sole purpose is to provide recruiters with insight into your skills and achievements – it is no place to talk about your love of hiking or, worse, socializing with friends. Unless they’re relevant to the job you’re applying to, you should leave your hobbies off completely.

15. References available

This formerly popular resume phrase has become outdated.Hiring managers hate seeing resumes that say "References available upon request." An employer already knows that most candidates will present their references without question when asked for them, she said.

15. References available

This formerly popular resume phrase has become outdated.Hiring managers hate seeing resumes that say "References available upon request." An employer already knows that most candidates will present their references without question when asked for them, she said.
Summerising above article “The Management Tip: Words that should never be used in resume.These words may spoil your dreams”. You’re wasting your precious resume space by including the Overused Buzzwords.You have a limited amount of time to catch a recruiter or hiring manager’s eye – use it wisely and advised  never to use in Resume.

Posted by Engr Maqbool Akram. Author of this write-up is Guest Blogger Sheeba Siddiqui an HR Expert.Images are from net with Thanks.

Sunday 8 April 2018

28th Ensemble 2K18: Mega Show of University Drama Club-AMU Aligarh: Through My Lense

28th Ensemble 2K18 the annual drama festival of University Drama Club AMU Aligarh was organized from 27th to 30th March 2018.This year the drama club managed for the first time the most awaited alumni meet of its former members.
Skit Social-e-Azam---Hira Heera as Jodha

Alumni of UDC Ali Mehtasham Raza,Syed Zaidi,Faisal Waris Khan,Ishrat Jameel,Afsar Ali Khan,Waseem Khan,Zameer Ahmad,Asad Ali,Imran Rasheed,Athar Avi,Dr Made-ur-Rahman ,Salim Shah(Film Safrosh,Fana fame) were honourd.
From Skit Social-e-Azam
Sponcers of this 28th Ensemble 2K18 were--- Style PartnerLakme Acedamy, Amar Ujala, Koye Locks, Aligarh Body Building and Fitness Asssociation, Divine Corporation, Food Partner Sagar Caters,Radio Partner Current FM 94.1.

Four day function started with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Khurram Zuberi Theatre Studio and Room of Folk Music and Fusion Music Clubs, and later a photography session with CEC Staff.

A Skit -A story from Maha bharat-Rishi Yadav as Arjun and directed by Imran Hashmi

The intoxicating evening was opened by colorful programme in Kennedy Auditorium by Prof. Dr Tariq Mansoor vice Chancellor.Cheif Guest of Inagural session was Mr Md.Furqan Mayor of our city Aligarh.

Dr.Vibha Sharma President of Drama Club welcomed the guests.Main attraction of that evening was a play “Sir Syed”.

Vote of Thanks by Mr ShahZaib Khan, organizing secretory. Next three days were magical days for drama and music lovers of Aligarh. Skits, Mono acts, Mimes, Plays and singing performances were held on stage of Kennedy Auditorium.
Skit Social-e-Azam a comedy Skit was v much liked by Audience. Ms.Heera Hira played thr role of Maharani Jodha. 

Forth and last day 30Th March was Valedicory and award ceremony day.
Secretary (2017-18)Mr.S.Jafar Hasnain,P.R head of this Ensemble 2K18,Mr Momin Ali,Talha Thakur,Shah Zaib Khan, Muqtada Ali Khan,Mateeb Imam,Imran Hashmi, Ali Raza Alig (Zinda Dil),Kajal Gupta were there.Mr Atif Ali Khan was official photographer of the event. 
Zehra Naqvi

One of the main attractions of this function was release of official Anthem of Ensemble 2018, prepared by AMU Students Mr Haider Saifulla.He is a wonder boy of melodious singing voice. He entertained audience by singing a song from Film Shor.

“Ek pyar kaa naghma hai maujon ki ravani hai
zindagi aur kuch bhi nahi teri meri kahani hai”

Ali Raza presented song with guitar in hand
“Once upon a time

a girl with moonlight in her eyes

Put her hand in mine

and said she loved me so
but that was once upon a time
Very long ago…
Nashra Ahmad presented this song in his velvet voice the song of film Masoom.
“Tujhse naaraaz 
nahiin zindagi

hairaan hoon main

tere masoom sawalon se 

pareshan hoon main”.

Miming involves acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech.Mime is vey difficult to play.Members of UDC presented Mime too.

Since Gandhi directed by Faisal Nizami,Evolution directed by Amit Kumar,Sainik dierected by Furqan Ahmad,The Plight of a river directed by Moazzam Ahmad and Humanity directed by Aquib Khan were played.
Play unt was declared best play,second was Kathghade.Rishi Kumar was awarded best male actor for play Arjun based on a story of Mahabharat ,directed by Mr Imran Hashmi.Zehra naqvi was best actress in female category.
Razia khanam was declared best director for drama Unt,and the Maximum and biggest trophy of event was awarded to Razia Khanam.
Audience--Kennedy Auditorium

Faisal nizami and Sujani were awarded for The Best Co-Actor in male and female category.Rebel Troop was awarded for overall best performance.The Maximum and biggest trophy of event was awarded to Razia Khanam.

Prof.Dr F S Sheerani. Coordinator of CEC was honoured as Shahenshah of CEC.AMU.Aligarh.

University Drama Club (UDC) was established in the year 1966 in the Kennedy House Coplex. Earlier the interested students and different cultural societies of halls of residence, had seldom staged different production in Strachey Hall and Maris Hall. 

Faisal Nizami getting trophy from  Film Actor Salim Shah
After the completion of Kennedy Auditorium, and creation of General Education Centre, a new era of theatre had started in these beautiful buildings of Kennedy House under the patronage of some of the stalwarts like, Prof Muneebur Rehman, Prof Sajda Zaidi, Prof Zahida Zaidi, Prof Zauqi, Prof Gurudas Bhattacharya, Prof Habib Rasool, Mr. Iftekhar Alam Khan, Prof M. A. Alvi to name a few.
Zehra Naqvi

The Aligarh Muslim University Cultural Education Center is among the University’s finest co-curricular & extracurricular platform, and a place of unlimited creative discoveries.

University Drama Club has produced some well known artists of stage, film and television.

Few among them are: Habeeb Tanvir, Qadir Ali Baig, Irfan Panjatan, Surekha Seekri, Rehman, Iftekhar, Begum Para, Nigar Sultana, Naseeruddin Shah, Dilip Tahil, Raees, Maqbool Mehmood , Zoya Zaidi, , Saleem Shah, , Anubhav Sinha F. S. Sherani,Roomana Israr, Seemi Hasan. Madiurrahman Khan Sherwani, Fazal Waris Khan, S. Mohtashim Reza, Arman Rasool Faridi, Ankit Malik, , Amit Kumar Singh.

Razia Khanam,

Mentor of Drama Club

Dr. Vibha Sharma (Associate Professor, Department of English) – Vibha Sharma is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Aligarh Muslim University. Her areas of specialization and interest are Literary Theory, Modern Drama and Postcolonial Studies, Theatre Studies, Translation Studies and Cultural Studies.She is a Visiting Faculty to Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. She contributed to Asian Theater Encyclopedia published from the UK.
Dr.Vibha Sharma President of University Drama Club

President of Drama Club

Arman Rasool Faridi (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science). He has more than 15 years of teaching experience. He obtained MCA degree from AMU in 1996 and is President of India Gold Medal Awardee for his overall achievements.
He has been closely associated with the literary and cultural life of the university.He has also served as the secretary of the University Drama Club during his student days.
F.S.Sheerani--Mentor of CEC.AMU Aligarh

Secretary Drama Club (2017-18)
Mr. S. Jafar Hasnain
The End—Hope we will meet again in 2018.Insha Allah.
Written, posted and Photographed by Engr Maqbool Akram.